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    When the phenomenon of blogging to business occurred, many business people asked the question, “That blog or not to blog?” answered for themselves with a confident “not to blog”. Specialized publications supported them: “A year ago, looking at corporate blogging, we decided that only a few businesses needed it,” says James Balcher, a leading analyst at eMarketer. However, a lot has changed over the year, and the opinion of analysts as well.

    “Now, despite the fact that new blogs appear every second, only a few companies are adopting this environment,” the analyst says. - Entering the blogosphere, business is faced with the need to "loosen the reins," but control is so important to him. Therefore, 90% of companies - large and small - do not even look at blogs. ” Truly, there are huge obstacles corporations must overcome on the way to such an important element of Web 2.0.
    Experts understand the situation: few owners want to put their brand under fire, if everything is arranged in it - there is an image, an internal corporate culture has been established, and public relations have been established. Among all this, there is no place for a chaotic element - a real voice from the side that can violate the beauty of the picture. An independent commentator is difficult to control, and this is a significant drawback, since the “feedback” is not always positive.

    However, recently there are more and more companies trying to ignore stereotypes and find use for blogs. “GM and Sun, for example, use their blog sites as a PR tool - believe me, they cost a lot,” says James Balcher. In addition, trying to get comfortable in the blogosphere, the business acquires important skills that will help him very much in the very near future. In any case, brand management cannot do without them.

    The generation, which draws information from social networks and can call blogs the second natural habitat, rejects traditional filters of corporate communications, Belcher believes. In his opinion, both businessmen and PR-specialists should get comfortable in the blogosphere, so as not to suddenly be overboard.

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