Crown Firewall automatically disables infected PCs

    European scientists have created a new Diadem Firewall system to stop DDoS attacks. The system includes, among other things, automatic shutdown of those PCs from which "harmful" traffic is coming. It is assumed that all European Internet providers will agree and install a new system.

    The new development is called Diadem Firewall from the word "diadem" (crown, crown on the head of the monarch). After installation and commissioning, the “corona firewall” will become an effective tool to stop DDoS attacks, from which until now there was absolutely reliable protection.

    As you know, during DDoS attacks, the load on servers and communication channels increases many times. This is due to the fact that hundreds and thousands of remote computers simultaneously start sending requests to this server. Such attacks often involve home computers of unsuspecting users who have not noticed how a virus has entered their system. In this case, the source of the attacks (the source of the virus) can be difficult to detect.

    Nowadays, DDoS attacks are usually used to blackmail, most often blackmail casino sites, porn sites and online stores. They extort a ransom from them, threatening to otherwise resume the attack on a larger scale. Millions of unprotected computers connected to the Internet via broadband channels are fertile ground for conducting DDoS attacks.

    The Crown Firewall provides for the installation of hardware and software, writes Infoworld. A distinctive feature is that specialized equipment is not installed inside the provider's network, but at its border. To detect an attack, the system uses data filtering methods and special technologies for early detection, after which it automatically responds to the attack in accordance with the specified rules. The list of rules is created and edited by the administrator. For example, the system can automatically disconnect a computer within the network from the network that abruptly started generating too much outgoing traffic with requests to the remote server.

    The Diadem Firewall project was launched in 2004, and its developers received a grant of 3 million euros from the European Union. The “corona firewall” itself is not a single product, but represents a whole set of appropriate technologies that can be applied in a variety of ways. These are systems for high-speed traffic analysis, advanced intrusion detection algorithms and a system of rules for automatic response - they are all ready to use. The largest European providers France Telecom and Polish Telecom are ready to begin testing in September this year.

    According to the developers, using the Diadem Firewall system will allow Internet providers to better control the situation on their networks. Now they can guarantee their hosting clients that their servers do not undergo DDoS attacks, and also guaranteed to stop traffic from infected user PCs.

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