Google sends aspirin to blogger

    «Google Honey, you are causing me a headache" - so titled El Skillitani message on his blog dedicated to the endless changes in the AdWords system. Google reacted quickly: a few days later, the blogger received a packet of aspirin.

    Al Scillitani is a search engine optimization specialist. In his famous postingAl complains about the endless changes in the AdWords system. In his opinion, not a single person is able to keep track of these changes, and even a whole team of specialists is not capable of this. It seems that as soon as you took control of the situation, a new function, a new tool, a new advertising format, or something else immediately appeared. Al started doing search engine marketing five years ago and he was ready for change from the start, but not in the same amount. “OK, Google,” Al Skillitani concludes his message, “I’ll try to cope with all your changes and try to help other people figure out your new features, tools and formats by publishing walkthroughs, but I need some aspirin. Send it to me at ... [home address specified]. ”

    And a few days later, Al Skillitani received a packet of aspirin from Google with a note : “Dear Al! I hope this helps you cope with the many changes to AdWords. ” Set the sender of the letter was Adam Lasnik (Adam Lasnik), one of the specialists in search engine that works at Google for about two months. Here is a photo of this letter and a bag of aspirin.

    This fact indicates not only a good sense of humor among Google employees, and not only that they read specialized blogs, but also that the company is actively using viral marketing. In fact, even at the time of sending the letter, it was possible to predict the reaction of the blogging community. The news instantly scattered across the blogosphere and became a good PR for Google.

    For those who do not believe that the letter now, that's a message in Adam Lasnik blog, where he confirms the authenticity of the letter.

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