Wikipedia founder creates a universal travel guide

    Jimmy Wales founded Wikia Inc., which will create a “universal travel guide” called Wikia . This project is created in the image of Wikipedia, but is commercial.

    On the pages of Wikia, you can post articles that can in no way enter the main version of the folk encyclopedia. For example, fans of various television shows or computer games can chat here and create their own “fan-made” versions of wiki pages. It also provides reviews of a variety of consumer products, reviews of movies and computer games.

    Examples of such community pages are , a fan site for the Lost TV show, and , a Star Wars fan community.

    Of course, these articles are very biased. Actually, they should be like that. But here no one claims the principles of objectivity and neutrality, as is customary on Wikipedia. It's the opposite.

    If Wikipedia is a universal encyclopedia, then Wikia is conceived as a universal guide (approximately the same as described in the book “The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy”). Wikipedia is a collection of facts, and Wikia will become a collection of opinions.

    The Wikipedia alternate is run by Wikia, which was founded by Jimmy Wales, who is also the founder of Wikipedia. His new company promises to be very successful. She has already received venture capital funding, and recently announced the hiring of renowned manager Gil Penchina), who previously held several positions at eBay, including the position of Vice President, and who worked there for eight years from 1998 to 2006. This person has been appointed as the new CEO of Wikia.

    So far, Wikia cannot boast such a large community as Wikipedia. Now they have only about 1,200 so-called “wikia,” that is, collectively editable pages on their website . The total number of registered users is about 30 thousand people, but, nevertheless, now Wikia is the second largest hosting wiki page on the Internet after Wikipedia.

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