Testing of Six Apart Vox Blogging Platform Begins

    Six Apart has begun testing the new-generation Vox blogging platform , which was previously announced under the name Comet. This development has incorporated all the best from MovableType and LiveJournal and is a mixture of blogs and social networks.

    The first presentation of Vox took place in the fall of 2005 at the DEMO conference. Then it was no more than a concept, but on June 1, 2006, Six Apart opened the Vox website , where you can experience the new development in action. Interestingly, redirecting to this site is also carried out from the domain notcomet.com . A kind of joke that should emphasize the fact of renaming the platform.

    The new Vox blogging platform is in no way inferior to such universal services as MSN Spaces, Yahoo 360 or Blogger, and in some ways even surpasses its competitors. The development of a new blogging system is associated with overdue changes in the design of blogs. One of the main trends is the personalization of blogs, that is, the ability for each reader to customize and filter the feed to their taste. The Vox platform will allow the design of such blogs that are capable of transformation. Another trend that was taken into account when developing Vox was an organic combination of diverse media content, video, photos, audio and text on the blog. The developers promise that Vox will combine the best features of other company products - TypePad, LiveJournal and Movable Type.

    The main features of Vox.

    * Aggregation of the community. The ability to create personal blogs with special common sections that can be shared with other users in a convenient way. Functions of social networks: the formation of communities (neighborhood) with other users.

    * Multithreading. A single interface for publishing various multimedia content: photos, videos, other blogs.

    * Privacy. You can set access rules for individual sections of the blog.

    Even a novice can easily start a blog on the Vox system. Most features are accessible through intuitive interface elements: see screenshots. The developers have tried to combine simplicity and functionality in one product. For example, to invite a user to your community, just move the cursor over his photo - and immediately a whole list of available options will appear.

    At first, the number of Vox beta testers will be limited to a few thousand people, but will gradually increase. Even after beta testing is over, using Vox will be free. The company plans to make a profit through advertising.

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