Microsoft will take care of user health

    Microsoft plans to tackle the health of users closely, following the latest fashion - via the Internet. One of the first steps towards creating a full-fledged medical site will be a specialized search engine. To do this, the company decided not to start development from scratch, but to purchase the finished technology - together with the developer company.

    Medstory Inc. - A small California company that developed the search engine Medstory , acquired by Microsoft. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

    The Medstory search engine primarily indexes medical sites, US government regulations on medicine, and other related materials. In the search results, he can offer the user to get acquainted with the symptoms of similar diseases, suitable drugs and other related information.

    Last year, Microsoft already made one acquisition in the “medical” field: the Azyxxi software system, which is used to process patient data, became its property.

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