Personal electronic computer "Apogee BK-01"

    Today I would like to introduce the respected audience of Hiktaims with another exhibit of my modest collection of ancient technology.

    So, in front of me is a large cardboard box with the words “Apogei BK-01 personal electronic computer”. Let's take a look inside.

    (Attention! There are a lot of pictures under the cut).


    1. Original box

    The box contained the following artifacts:

    2. Another cardboard box.

    Opening the boxes recursively, we retrieve the unit directly (the first picture in the post)

    3. A box with a power supply unit

    4. A power supply unit

    5. Manuals

    6. Software on the cassettes

    7. Different adapters and cables


    Apogee BK-01 is a version of the legendary computer Radio 86-RK, somewhat improved. The classic Radio 86-RK had 16K of RAM, with the possibility of expansion to 32K. At Apogee, the amount of RAM is 56.25K.
    Subsequently, a version with a color image was released, Apogee BK-01Ts (but I just have BK-01).
    I got a copy released in April 1991.

    Turning on

    In order to start the computer and load any program into it, we will need a TV and a tape recorder. I used a relatively modern TV set, LCD 15 ", and a small hitch came out with a tape recorder. The fact is that I have not had any tapes or devices that can play recordings on them for a long time.
    Therefore, a wonderful device, a monaural Marantz dictaphone, was purchased on avito PMD222.

    Marantz PMD222

    We also had to solder the adapters to the tape recorder and the TV.

    So, the whole system as a unit looks like this:

    Turn on:

    Load the Tetris game, first on the cassette with games. To do this, enter the “I” command and start playing the tape. record with the program will end, the following will appear on the screen:

    These numbers indicate the starting address of the program, the size and the checksum. To start the program, enter the command G 0000.

    The game starts:

    And finally, the video of the gameplay:

    During the game, an unpleasant feature became clear: the image synchronization periodically fails. How to fix it, I do not know yet.

    Documentation and useful links

    I scanned a piece of documentation that was bundled with a computer, in case anyone would be interested.

    Electrical Schematic

    Operation Manual

    I did not scan “Appendix 1” to the Operation Manual, which contains a reference book on the K580BM80A processor command system and other information necessary for programming in assembler. However, you can find this book and other documentation for Apogee by reference .

    I also wanted to take photos of the board, but the factory seals remained on the case, I didn’t open them. Good photos of boards for the "color" version can be found here .

    That's all for now.

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