Providers underperformed

    IKS-Consulting agency found out how the real Internet access speed of Moscow broadband providers' clients matches the one that was promised upon connection . At peak hours, it measured the speed of customers of the five largest operators. Data was collected among subscribers of unlimited tariff plans.

    Since there are already more than a million users in the “wide band” in Moscow, and every fourth apartment has fast Internet, the further success of the operators depends on the quality of services, comments IKS-Consulting. Therefore, it would be ideal 100% compliance of the promised speed with the real one - it proves that the subscriber receives exactly the service he has purchased. In fact, the situation was somewhat different.

    For all tested operators, the ratio was at a fairly high level, the researcher concludes. On average, for five providers, the real speed was 88% of the rate provided. “The value of the coefficient did not depend on the tariff plan,” IKS-Consulting explains, “that is, subscribers connecting at 256 Kbps and 2 Mbps receive an average of 220 Kbps and 1.8 Mbps.” The remaining 6-18% is mostly lost outside the network of the final provider.

    In some cases, the actual speed exceeded the guaranteed one. More often this was observed in the networks of "Stream", "Corbina" and QWERTY. Conclusion IKS-Consulting - operators in practice provide a channel with slightly higher bandwidth. In general, the agency estimates the level of real speed in the largest Moscow networks as satisfactory.

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