A ghost roams in the Infosphere. The ghost of anarchism?

    I read such and such thoughts. I thought.

    And so the question rang out: why the state as such is needed? I was taught that the state assigns a coordination function and usurps violence within itself. That is, it can use violence (military or police), and the rest - no, no.
    Usurpation may not occur. The Constitution states that “the people are the bearer of power”, therefore, the consolidation of power in the hands of some relatively small community is the delegation of power. This is for those who do not like the term "usurpation."

    Why is there a need for violence? Actually, from resource limitations. If a tribe has land from horizon to horizon, and there are enough animals and fruits on it - violence will be only in terms of reproduction, it will be directed at competitors within the tribe and most often will be ritual, without real killing and self-harm.
    If the tribe has a competitor, then the violence begins to stratify into external and internal. The external is opposed to this other tribe, and the internal captures several additional goals at once: for example, counterintelligence and ensuring minimal resource security.

    Then all this grows, grows, grows ... turning into an Empire, around which there are other Empires. External violence provides an influx of resources, internal violence ensures their distribution (in a general sense, including subsequent processing and distribution of processing results).

    Now imagine that resources are unlimited . There is no need to provide a flow from the outside: it is enough inside.
    There is no need to ensure distribution within - everyone gets what he needs. If the need can be satisfied at any time, there is no need to reserve resources “for the future”.

    And then the state will not be needed ... more precisely, similar to the “boiling vacuum” in physics, a “boiling vacuum” of society will arise: communities will arise whose interests will be beyond material needs, and people will coordinate their efforts to effectively observe their interests.

    Here is such a social mechanics ...

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