Custom Mythology

    Our identity is an image with which we identify ourselves. We can be identified with the community, with the individual, and even with the whole people. This image is always perfect, imagined. If you like, this is a myth.

    Self-identification is the main human need - to answer the question "who am I?" We will not consider a special case of Enlightenment, especially since it does not remove the issue of identity, but only opens up new solutions for it.

    The slogan "Be Russian - buy Russian!" An example of aggressive Identity Targeting.

    Identity Placement is no more creative than promoting a brand of tooth powder or soap. Traditionally, this happens through the entertainment industry. “Entertainment” is what helps to remove “involvement”. But, losing one involvement, we immediately look for another - this is the perpetual motion machine of progress. Identity Placement is the science of managing the process of self-identification. Unlike Identity Targeting, which collects the fruits of "wild placement" or, if you want, folklore.

    Identity Development is a mythical work.

    But this is not a myth about how our everyday world order was created - how Russia appeared and why elections are held every 4 years - it is a myth that Medved was our first ancestor and, accordingly, we are bears in our hearts. Everything happens within the framework of Imaginary.

    Constructing Identity at the Imaginary level requires lower budgets than the traditional way, with the same exit conversion.

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