Synterra WiMAX collaborates with the traffic police

    Transport flows on Volokolamsk highway are now regulated by an automated traffic control system. Eight control points are located in the test zone with a length of 7.5 km and are connected by special communication channels of the Synterra WiMAX network. Using sensors, the system monitors the flow rate in real time and decides which signal to give to each traffic light, transmit Vesti Moscow .

    Synterra reportsthat at every point in the system there is a standard external anti-vandal Synterra WiMAX modem that transfers information at a speed of 1 Mbps to a special traffic police center. Automation can also determine vehicle numbers and transmit information about them to the traffic police in the event of the discovery of a stolen car. The immediate plans of the project are to deploy similar zones on the Leningradskoye and Shchelkovo highway, as well as parts of the MKAD.

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