Google Checkout will be free until the end of 2007

    The Google Checkout payment system , which not everyone believed in a bright future, has begun a new stage in its aggressive expansion.

    The company said that until the end of 2007, sellers with an account on the service will not be able to pay for making payments. Previously, each transaction cost the account holder $ 0.2 plus 2% of the purchase price.

    It turns out that Google agrees to suffer losses during the year in order to attract new customers, according to the New York Times . Currently, Checkout users receive a $ 10 discount from Google on purchases that cost more than $ 30, and if the amount exceeds $ 50, the discount increases to $ 20.

    Google goes to such expenses because the stakes in this game are very high. So, the rival PayPal system processed payments for $ 9.1 billion over the past quarter (+ 37% compared to the previous year), and the turnover outside the eBay website grew to $ 3.3 billion.

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