Google offers a free set of services for organizations

    Google has opened a corporate section where it offers a whole range of business services for commercial companies, universities and other organizations. Package of Google Apps for Your Domain includes Gmail email boxes with 2 GB of Internet Communicator Google Talk, Google Calendar, and a scheduler program for the creation of web pages Google Page Creator. The customer company can choose any combination of these services and order it for its corporate website. All services in the basic set are free, but at the end of the year Google plans to introduce a paid version of this business package (no ads, with advanced functionality and large disk space for storing mail).

    Obviously, the idea of ​​creating such a business package was born after the success of the first corporate offer from Google - the corporate email service Gmail for Your Domain , which allows you to use the Gmail service with addresses other than the standard “@”.

    Perhaps in the future, the corporate package will include Google office development applications, such as the Writely text editor, Google Spreadsheets spreadsheets, etc.

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