Yahoo removed blog search results

    Blogs disappeared from Yahoo News Search . More precisely, the most popular blogs remained in the index (they are already so large that they can be considered traditional media), but all the rest are gone.

    Blogs appeared among Yahoo News Search news results last October. Then the right column appeared on the site, specially designed to display results from blogs. Now she has disappeared. Moreover, the “News and Blog Search” page ( screenshot of the old title ) has been renamed to the “News Search” page ( new screenshot ).

    At first glance, it seems that this is a very strange step on the part of Yahoo, because the blogosphere is growing by leaps and bounds, and companies are investing millions of dollars in improving blog searches. In fact, the answer is simpler than it seems: most likely, Yahoo is preparing a separate blog search engine, more functional than before. That is why it was decided to temporarily remove blogs from the search results. The same version is confirmed from unofficial sources at Yahoo.

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