Comcor changes its image

    The company “Comcor” summed up the tender for the development and implementation of an advertising concept, choosing MegaPro advertising agency , the company’s press release reports.

    The tender was announced in June 2006. The subject of the tender was the development and implementation of a creative concept with the provision of layout options for all major types of media. Participants were invited to base their work on the communication strategy and brand positioning proposed by Comcor. In accordance with the developed positioning, the main goal was to create and maintain the image of a market-oriented, modern, dynamic company and to convey to consumers new Comcor values ​​that correspond to simple and obvious concepts: always, convenient, affordable, easy.

    The slogan “Comcor. Lines of Life” was proposed as the main one in the Komcor communicative strategy. The central visual image of the concept proposed by MegaPro agency was the image of a flying butterfly , symbolizing the diversity, lightness, brightness of the "live" connection with the world provided by the company.

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