Who's there? Or unresolved audience research issues

    If no one heard, the other day the League gathered a round table to discuss the problems of calculating the size and quality of the Ukrainian Internet audience. They invited many, discussed for a long time, but the answer was never found. On that and dispersed. By the way, I did not go there, it was just clear to me that without this round table, nothing was shining for our market yet. From the " bears " Max went there , which he briefly told me about.

    Of course, I will not talk about what was there, but I will express my opinion on this subject.

    Now, by and large, we don’t have an exact idea even about the size of the Ukrainian audience, because there is no method that would give more or less normal data. Someone considers the size of the Ukrainian IP-shkami, but this is stupid, because for various reasons, there will always be fewer than real users. Someone counts through surveys and then projects the data on the entire population. Bigmir counts with the help of his counter, which until recently was on many popular sites, and the statistics themselves were not buggy, as they are now. But none of these methods gives clear data, because for various reasons, each of them has large errors. And it seems to me that, in principle, a normal technique does not exist, and if it appears, it will not be very soon.

    So with the question, “How many are we?” everything is clear: "FIG knows how much." And why do we need to know this, you might think, this is so important to someone. It’s another matter to know “Who is here?”, It seems to be clear why this is necessary, but so far the demand is only at the level of interest, and not commercial use.

    In the direction of studying the portrait of the audience of sites, it seems that there have been some recent shifts. Our neighbors have already begun the first studies. True, they still look like an attempt to paint this portrait with the help of a shamanic tambourine and songs around the fire. Now in Ukraine we have two such shamans, this is the Polish Gemius, who made a simplified version of the original for our market, and which no one wants to install, because their data is not in demand by advertisers. And the second shaman is TNS, who asks for his research the amount of money that is not good for our market.

    But, as I already noted above, so far our interest in at least even such shamanistic research will not grow from the level of “interesting, but I will not pay” to the level of “I am ready to buy, because without it neither how ”nor any round tables will help. The problem is not that there is no one to consider, at least somehow, but that there is no one to use this data.

    In my opinion, in the next 3-4 years, you can definitely “relax the buns” and wait until the size of the Internet audience grows three times in the beginning, then large advertisers turn their eyes to this audience, and only then the struggle for these advertisers will begin, by pushing them of these studies.

    In the meantime, you can think of another question: "How to calculate the effectiveness?"

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