Do I need "smart" things?

Everything that you read here is only my subjective thoughts about the so-called “smart things”. If you do not like them or you do not agree - let's discuss.

So smart things. Smart things everywhere. Clever things for everyone. This is a boom, this is a fashion, this is a dead end. I want to explain why I do not need these "smart" things.

Briefly about yourself

Like most on this site, I make bread with the help of computer technology. Already 12 years. Constantly on the ridge, constantly learning new things and enjoying new products. I am not a retrogradom in any way and constantly want something better and more perfect.

Smart watch

What can a smart watch? Calls, cardio, recording steps and activities, notifications. Let's figure it out. Why do I need calls on the clock? I already hear the phone in my pocket, and yes, I always have it on vibro. If I miss a call, in any case, I will look at the phone for the next 10-15 minutes. If I wait for an important call, then the phone is on my mind. Yes, there is still an opportunity to answer with the help of a watch - sorry, but it looks like an attempt to do exercises.

Notifications in social networks? At work, if I need these work alerts, I see them on my phone and computer. After work - no thanks, I'll rest.

What else can “smart watch”? Yes, a whole bunch. But why? I need a watch in order to see the time. I have 6 hours, and in the morning, depending on the style of clothes, I wear the right clothes. Gradually, I even abandoned the mechanics - it was just laziness to just wind up. Yes, and "smart" watches look very poor. Well, who for the watch will make a convex glass, which instantly becomes scratched with constant wear. And do not convince me that the clock should be removed. By the way, good watches have protection from scratches, but “smart” ones do not. I can't call it a smart watch.

The second minus is the dependence on the smartphone and charging. No, no and NO. My ancient Casio stand 10 years without changing the battery. Why should I recharge the watch?

In fact, these are my smart watches. They require the batteries to be replaced every couple of years. Most often, I just buy a new model. I replace the battery with a watch that is dear to me, or which are expensive . And by the way, in most cases my watches are synchronized with world time. Those. bought, set up and forgot. In the morning I do not have a headache that the clock will "sit down". What is this nonsense - to carry a charge for the watch?

In general, smart watches - while in the trash.

Cars robots

I am a fan of robots in cars, but only partially. So, I’m for safety, and I’m happy to use systems that will allow me not to skip ahead of the vehicle. Or they will warn you if I exceed the speed. Just be warned.

I do not need smart parking, I do not need autopilot. I enjoy driving. If ordinary cars replace robo cars, I will make motorcycles with the usual manual controls. If the oil disappears, I will collect electric bikes and regular cars.

Will you say traffic jams? But gentlemen, do not whine. You have super cars that can bring you comfortably thousands of miles without a break, and are you curious about traffic jams? Do you have phones, radios, televisions, air conditioners in the car, and you whine for traffic jams? Nonsense. A smart person will find something to do in traffic jams. And do not become a slave to a car. Sometimes it is useful to drive in public transport, then re-enjoy the car.

By the way, it is almost always possible to predict traffic jams and avoid or avoid them. Study the map, study the city and its behavior - greatly improves the brain.

Smart transportation

By the way, I'm a fan of electric vehicles. I went, probably, on all types of scooters, boards, segways across different terrain. And I really like to ride like that. But when I go to the park with a child, I take an old skate or bicycle that is upholstered at the edges. Because you need to move yourself. And may I fall, may I put on my legs, but it will do me good.

But this is a rest, you say, but what about the opportunity to get to work on the electric wheel? Lord, you can get. Have you tried to go with a 12 kilo bag kilometer? I am yes. And, by the way, I can go through much more and with a significantly larger load. But I do not want. I can’t imagine a person getting in the format every day - 50% drive on a wheel and 50% carry it. Weight, size and other factors make it impossible.

Smart bracelets

Boom and fashion in recent years. Everyone is wearing and not everyone understands why they bought it. The first week of looking for calories and mileage (passage). Then - maximum alarm and a reminder of calls.

I constantly train in the gym. And I don't need a fitness trainer. I don't care how many steps I walked. If a lot, I already find out, because I went. And by the way, my legs still hurt. I don't care how much energy I burned. After all, the bracelet shows an approximate ratio. And a girl weighing 40 kg and I, about 100 kg, will, in the opinion of the bracelet, be burned in the same way. I see everything in the mirror and on the scales. When I have hard days - I notice it on the trouser belt. When I'm sitting and not moving - either. And then there are a lot of tools embedded in me: I feel tired, hurt, I see my nervous state. Therefore, a toy - and no more.

It's time to sum up

While most “smart” things will be “smart” for marketing purposes only, I don’t want such things. Thanks for attention. Don't let things be smarter than you.

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