Habrapost and rss of "my blogs"

    1. It seems to me that it is absolutely necessary to place the full text in the notification of the arrival of a new letter to the Habrahpost The fact is that mail, which is not duplicated in the mailbox, is not a complete communication tool - it is not subject to general storage and general search (!). That is, if I communicate with a friend, then I have to remember where it was. GTalk + Gmail has just eliminated this need ... Moreover, judging by the notification notifications, Habr does not fight for every ad viewing to the detriment of user convenience. So maybe here?

    2. rss in “my blogs” is not given up for reasons of principle, or is it just that until your hands reach?
    update: It seems that the stream is being given away, it just has not been written about in obvious places. But if you go to someone in your profile and try reading therehis blogs, then there will already be a link to rss arranged like this:

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