Difficulties in the development of UAnet

    The Ukrainian Internet does not stand still, but this development cannot be called too rapid. You can compare Ukraine and Russia, and it is regrettable to note that there are more users and good projects, and this difference is not proportional to the population (here’s Habr’s example ). We’ll be silent about the bourgeois.

    There are reasons that determine the current situation. Some of them (but not all) are described below. But the main purpose of this text is to find out what people think about the complexity of UAnet’s development. So you have the opportunity to significantly increase the value of this text, supplementing it with your own thoughts on this subject. Please feel free to.

    1. Russian language. I am generally against ethnic hatred, I myself speak (and, here, write) in Russian. But the fact that the Ukrainian language has not yet acquired the status of a full-fledged national language casts doubt on the need to create national resources. For example, most Ukrainian sites are created in Russian, since most Ukrainians understand Russian. Yandex and Google are wonderfully looking for this segment, most of them use it. As a result, there is no normal search engine in Ukraine and the prospects for creating it are vague.

    2. The high cost of Internet services . Ukrainian Internet is expensive. Both access and hosting. Even before this we are still far away (about the bourgeois keep quiet again). True, recently the situation has begun to change for the better, but somehow very slowly.

    3.Relative poverty . To become an Internet user, you need to buy a computer (which in itself is not cheap), for some reason connect to the network, and then pay regularly for this connection (also not cheap, see paragraph above). All this requires significant financial costs, just like that, they can’t try everything from nothing to do.

    4. Lack of government support . The three issues above are heavily dependent on government agencies. These structures are still occupied with problems more important than increasing the availability of Internet technologies as part of the development of the Ukrainian information society.

    5. Freelance and offshore. The development of Internet projects is suitable for remote work much stronger than working as a hairdresser. Therefore, most talented developers in the local market do not work, looking for more fish places.

    6. Lack of a complete electronic payment system . It is impossible to imagine e-commerce without the ability to quickly and safely electronically pay for something.

    7. Your version .

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