Advertising will not work: Microsoft will build a blocker in its browser Edge

    Why AdBlock Plus and other extensions, if everything is integrated?

    One of the most unexpected steps by Microsoft at one time was the complete abandonment of the heritage of Internet Explorer in favor of the new browser Edge. Edge is not developing very quickly, but a major update should soon be released, which will include a number of interesting elements.

    For example, the ability to add JavaScript extensions, similar to those that have long delighted Google Chrome users. Now this feature is available in preview releases, and one of the first extensions is AdBlock Plus. But that's not all. The corporation's plans are to eliminate the need for third-party ad blockers. That is, it is planned to integrate the ad blocker functionality directly into the Edge. No extensions, everything is native.

    Roadmap Edge Works

    A new feature will also replace Tracking Protection Lists (TPLs), a tool built into Explorer. TPLs are a rather contradictory component of the browser (with its help it was possible to protect the browser from many Internet threats, plus blocking a large amount of advertising), so it was decided to add something else to the new version.

    Now ad blocking has become mainstream - many large companies have begun to embed something similar in their products. The same corporation Apple added the ability to block ads in Safari for mobile devices.

    So far it is not entirely clear when the new Edge with a built-in blocker will appear. Most likely, this summer, after the release of a major update for Windows 10.

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