In Egypt, imposed fines for visiting blocked sites

    Egyptian President Abdul-Fattah Khalil Al-Sisi signed a new law that tightens control over the Internet. The new law “On Cybercrime” allows you to block websites in the country if they represent a threat to national security or the economy.

    Anyone involved in working or visiting such a site may be imprisoned for up to 1 year or fined up to EGP100,000 ($ 5,593).

    Authorities say new measures are needed "to combat instability and terrorism."

    Human rights organizations blamed the Egyptian government for trying to suppress all political dissent in the country through such legislation. The Cairo Association of Freedom of Thought and Expression (Association of Freedom of Thought and Expression) said that before the signing of the new law in the country have already blocked more than 500 websites.

    This is not the first attempt of the Egyptian authorities to "tighten the screws" on the Internet. Last month, the parliament passed a bill that will control any accounts in social networks with more than 5,000 subscribers. True, this bill has not yet received the signature of the president.

    Correspondents say that after the ban on street demonstrations, the Internet in Egypt remained one of the last forums where citizens could express disagreement with the policies of the authorities.

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