Bash 5.0 Shell Released

    Yesterday, a new version of the Bash 5.0 shell was published , which was developed for about two and a half years. In addition, the release of the readline 8.0 library , which is directly related to the command line, was released.

    The increase in the version number of Bash is due to a number of changes that violate backward compatibility. Such changes include the processing of code associated with the processing of nameref reference variables, updating the approach to using readline 8.0 variables. In order to install Bash 5.0, you need the readline 8.0 library, otherwise it will not work.

    Among the new functions, one can distinguish new environment variables BASH_ARGV0 (takes the value $ 0), EPOCHSECONDS (milestone time in seconds) and EPOCHREALTIME (milestone time accurate to microseconds).

    The built-in “history" command has added support for element-wise deletion of entries from the database with operation logging, plus there is the possibility of specifying negative values ​​as the offset of the first deleted record relative to the end of the list.

    The developers added the option “localvar_inherit”, it allows local variables to inherit the value of the variable with the same names that are defined in the parent scope.

    The “assoc_expand_once” option has appeared, when installed, the shell expands the indexes of associative arrays only once, as well as the “globasciiranges” option, which allows the use of masks to determine character ranges ([az]).

    A complete list of changes can be found here (English) and here (Russian).

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