Sailfish OS renamed to Aurora OS

    As you know, smartphones and other mobile devices in Russia will soon begin to pre - install Russian programs without fail . In the future, import substitution will go further, until the transition to the Russian operating system.

    To date, the status of "Russian" has only one mobile operating system - OS Sailfish, which now belongs to the Rostelecom Corporation. Today, the owners announced that "the only domestic mobile operating system" received a new Russian-language name - "Aurora".

    According to one of the developers , this business in Russia was launched by “widely known in narrow circles” businessman Pavel Eigesbased on a Finnish open source project. The idea was to get a state order for the supply of devices to government agencies and law enforcement agencies. However, in the end, the businessman sold the project to Rostelecom, so now it will already implement the plan.

    The development of the Aurora OS is carried out by Open Mobile Platform LLC and Votron LLC, which, since 2018, have been part of the Rostelecom group.

    Rostelecom President Mikhail Oseevsky said:
    Of course, the domestic mobile operating system should have a name in Russian, which is easy to remember, filled with energy and positive. Aurora has great prospects ahead, it should become a reliable digital assistant to the state and business in solving their problems, ensuring the remote involvement of officials and employees in work processes. I especially want to emphasize that the domestic OS has already two dozen partners who integrate their development into it. We are open to cooperation with Russian developers of software and mobile applications, only together we can make the operating system truly useful and convenient.
    Aurora supports all standard functions of the mobile OS: managing contacts, calls and messages, email client, browser, viewing media, calendar, notes, camera and gallery, clocks and timers, voice recorder, working with documents, etc. Are available or are at the stage testing a navigation system, solutions for fast processing and image recognition, a service for remote meetings and others.

    Currently, projects with 10 departments and companies are under preparation and testing of equipment with the Aurora OS preinstalled, Rostelecom reports.

    It is emphasized that the mobile OS is included in the unified register of Russian software on September 5, 2016 (under No. 1543), it has a certificate of conformity of the FSB of Russia AK1 / KS1. Such certificates are not available for Android and iOS.

    FSTEC of Russia issued a domestic OS certificate of compliance with information security requirements for operating systems of type “A” of the sixth class.

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