Dell comes to the aid of the creators of the cartoon

    In mid-May, the animated film "Angry Birds in the Cinema" was released in Russian film, based on the popular series of video games from Rovio Entertainment. The cartoon received many positive reviews, it was warmly received by both children and adults. Perhaps the success of the picture lies in the plot or in the original characters of the characters (which is worth only the Red bird, who learns how to control her hot temper), but in our opinion, Angry Birds in the Cinema would not have turned out like this without the painstaking work of artists and animators.

    Screen adaptation of a popular video game is a very complex and lengthy process. When creating the film, Sony Pictures Imageworks involved more than 300 professionals who faced many challenges. Imagine, they should draw 130 species of birds, work out the movement of each feather, build live landscapes with rustling leaves on trees, cool ponds and realistic explosions. To create a whole animated world, it was necessary to calculate and render a lot of models.

    Dell is proud to have had a hand in such a massive project. Sony Pictures Imageworks team used about a thousand Dell Precision computers. These are modern powerful workstations that are able to provide the most complex tasks. For example, as many as 40,000 cores were involved in the rendering process! Another partner of the project was NVIDIA, which provided professional video cards NVIDIA Quadro M6000 24 GB, M4000 and K2200 . The NVIDIA Quadro series of graphics adapters has been specifically designed to perform complex creative tasks.

    Computing technology and infrastructure enabled three teams remotely working from Southern California and Vancouver to access shared data through PCoIP in real time. PCoIP technology enables you to view and edit data stored on Dell Precision workstations from any compatible Windows PC or tablet. To do this, PCoIP solution based on the Teradici Tera2 chip is installed in workstations. The system provides not only convenient, but also completely secure access to shared data and is accompanied by free round-the-clock technical support.

    And now some impressive facts that will help illustrate the complexity of working on creating an animated film. Imagine that rendering a 30-second clip on a regular PC would take 18 years, while the workflow can be compared to the daily streaming of a full-length picture. But Dell Precision computers allowed to spend a minimal amount of time on routine tasks and create more variants of the same scene, which ultimately only slightly affected the duration of the work. Sony Pictures Imageworks has never had such an experience before. As a result, the picture, according to the creators themselves, exceeded all expectations. Using high-performance technology certified to work with professional applications and complex graphics,

    Modern workstations with powerful graphics give creators of animated films more freedom of action. There is no longer any need to save resources, spend time waiting for the machine to finish rendering and you can start working on the next frames. All processes occur as quickly as possible, without interfering with creativity and opening up a wide field for experiments. We at Dell are pleased to have helped create such a technically advanced work.

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