New Skype Client for Linux (+ Web Client) Released

    The Skype client for Linux has not been developed for a long time and is stuck on version, released in June 2014 . For comparison, under Windows, the client is constantly updated and has already reached version 7.24. But Microsoft still did not forget about Linuxoids, so meet the new Skype for Linux Alpha .

    Download Skype for Linux Alpha DEB
    Download Skype for Linux Alpha RPM

    In fact, the new client is released in two versions. In addition to the Linux application, the Skype web client has also been developed . It works on WebRTC technology from any operating system, through a browser, without plug-ins (like , Talky , Room- they all use standard WebRTC, unlike Google Hangouts, which still requires installing a plug-in in Firefox). In fact, the Linux Linux application is just a shell for the web client.

    In theory, this client is made for Chromebooks under Chrome OS, but in reality, the new web client works more convenient and faster than even the existing native Windows application. And for a mobile phone, this is almost perfect.

    There are currently certain limitations. Microsoft is upgrading its network infrastructure, so the new client for Linux can only make voice calls, but not video. In addition, communication with users on older versions of the client is not supported. Calls to mobile and landline phones do not work.

    However, this is the alpha version, so everything is fine.

    As stated in an official message on the Skype forum, the alpha version for Linux and the web version are based on the same WebRTC code. We can assume that Microsoft will no longer delay the release of new versions for Linux, they will be updated simultaneously with the web client, and Microsoft will not be able to abandon the latter in any way, this is too important an application.

    The web client is guaranteed to work in the Chrome browser, with other browsers there can be difficulties, because everyone supports WebRTC in different ways . However, in a subjective opinion, in Firefox 47 the Skype web client works even better than in Chrome 51: it seems that it loads faster and lags less.

    Microsoft Edge is the only browser that supports ORTC from the WebRTC suite of technologies, and Skype voice chats worked there before without plugins . Now they have appeared in Chrome and Firefox.

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