SEO not working in 2019?

The constant debate on this topic makes us wonder why many people believe that attracting natural (non-advertising) traffic from search engines does not work?

Reason 1

A huge number of "sorcerers" * and advertisements

* Sorcerers are when instead of the usual list of TOP 10, Yandex issues its services, for example, a market, a directory, maps, etc. When there are a lot of them, they still say that the request is “bewitched”. It seems to be in the TOP, but there is no traffic on it.

Now, for some requests, advertising and sorcerers occupy almost 100% of the first screen. Is it good or bad? Everyone decides for himself, it will still be how Yandex does :). Seeing this, people often ask themselves how can they even see my site when the entire first screen is full of Yandex services? Why pay for promotion if search engines simply do not visually display the site on the first screen?

Reason 2

There are no guarantees of entering the TOP

Unfortunately, there is always the possibility that even the most optimized and pumped site will not be able to reach the top lines in the search results. There are more than a billion sites (an interesting article on Internet statistics in general statistika-in ..), and there are only two (main) search engines in Russia.

The most annoying thing is when everything was done well with the site, it’s “licked” and all the indicators are normal, and the traffic is 0. Everything was checked, it’s still 0. The owner of the site is watching the results, and there are sites from 2007. The situation is very unpleasant, offensive. Often this comes simply from a lack of specialist competence. He can check everything at least 100 times, but he will not find the reasons for the lack of traffic. But there is a certain% when just out of luck. Naturally, in the eyes of the client, SEO does not work after that, everything is bad, etc. As a result, all this is discussed in chat rooms, forums, groups, etc. Negative reviews are written much more often than positive ones.

Reason 3

Outdated approach to SEO

SEO is constantly changing. In my personal opinion, now it is moving towards integrated Internet marketing. A simple example: a site without good behavioral factors will not go far. What to do to increase them? Work on content, usability, relevance of pages, etc. How to improve the content? Make the client take live photos, take real reviews, record videos, etc. In other words, as detailed as possible to show the company from the inside. Today, SEO requires an understanding of the client’s business. And this is often more difficult than just working with meta tags and texts.

For this reason, I would like to focus your attention. Suppose entrepreneur Michael decided that he needs to “promote the site.” In 70% of people who work offline, they don’t understand how exactly they should move and what tools to use. There is a phrase “Internet promotion” and that’s all. This is absolutely normal. An entrepreneur should know his business well, and how to move on the Internet is the task of marketers who are not there yet. He is his own marketer.

Michael decides to do website promotion. Having studied several trainings and talked with colleagues, he decides firmly - SEO is an excellent option. As soon as the demand for a specific service appears, Mikhail will immediately be offered many options. Expensive, cheap, with or without warranty. In this situation, specialists will not even think about business, about the feasibility and effectiveness of this tool. Since there is a specific request, there is a specific proposal. I myself have always done exactly the same.

Finally, choosing an artist, Michael starts paying for the promotion. After 3-5 months, the outcome may be 3:

  1. Michael hit the mark and SEO works very efficiently. Cooperation continues, everything is fine.
  2. Objectives achieved by 50-80%, but there is no exhaust. It seems that the specialist has achieved certain results, but the effect is zero. Promotion does not pay off.
  3. Objectives not achieved. Everything is bad.

With the first and third option, everything is clear. Let's analyze 2 option. Having received results from SEO only in numbers, but not in money, the question arises: did Mikhail even need SEO promotion? Often not - no need! Especially at the start, with small budgets. SEO is a long-term investment, one of the many marketing tools that focuses on generating leads. What else can give Mikhail leads? What will lead faster than SEO? 1000 and 1 option. Here are just a few:

  • Free registration in catalogs and thematic platforms;
  • Paid online advertising - Yandex Direct and Google AdWords (not always budget, but faster for sure);
  • Cold calling;
  • Free chats with the target audience;
  • Social networks - personal page;
  • Cases on different resources or your blog;
  • Services for finding leads in the social. networks;
  • Crowd marketing;
  • Advertising in large directories: Yandex maps, 2gis, google maps, etc .;
  • Avito, Yula and other aggregators;
  • Business sites such as TIU, PulseCen, Satom, etc.
  • All this can give the first leads from the Internet much faster. But not one specialist will tell Mikhail that now it’s better to invest in other tools than in SEO. Especially when he himself wants this.

In summary. Before moving on the Internet, first of all, you need to ask the specialist a question, "where is it better to start?" Bad answer: with optimization of meta tags and writing texts. Good answer: with an understanding of your business processes. Only when a specialist has an idea of ​​exactly who your client is, is he able to correctly draw up a strategy for working with the Internet.

A concrete example from experience.

  1. The first contact was by telephone. Man wanted a "large and complex portal." Its purpose was to generate clients for legal services and subsequent subscription management. Linking to CRM and its subsequent promotion in SEO. There was even a small TK, in structure, etc.
  2. The second meeting took place already in the office. The client complained about inadequate prices and terms on the part of the performers whom he had previously met. None of them tried to understand what is really required of the site? We began to find out what goals the client pursues. It turned out that developing a large portal is not necessary. The goals are simple - attracting clients to legal services with a monthly fee plus the ability to contact a lawyer online. For this, a normal landing for 15000r is enough. While the performers hinted at amounts of 1 million and a period of up to 1 year, because the client kept talking about a large and complex portal.
  3. The third meeting took place already upon agreement on the finished landing and launch of the advertising campaign.

With this approach, after 2 weeks, the client will receive the first client and will pay back the cost of advertising and website costs by 50%. And even if he doesn’t receive it, he will spend much less money than on creating a large portal and its subsequent SEO promotion.

After this incident, I completely changed the approach to working as an SEO specialist. Now I do not offer SEO without making sure that it is really necessary. I believe that this is the only way to professionally provide promotion services. Understanding the internal processes of a business is the trend of SEO 2019.

So why does SEO not work in 2019? Because the usual understanding of this abbreviation has long been outdated. There is internet marketing. SEO is part of it, no more. It is on this principle that I build my work. For a long time, I just sold SEO, without knowing whether it was needed or not. Now the key action is to audit the client’s business processes with the subsequent proposal of the most effective promotion tool.

I thank all those who have read the article to the end. I hope I helped someone not make mistakes at the start. As a reward for your patience, I will be happy to help with the selection of the most effective promotion tool. Write to VK , , WhatsApp and Viber 89501784070.

Article author: Dmitry Dyadyukov, SEO-specialist

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