The programmer school for the 10th time opens a set of IT specialists

    Hello! Summer is not only the time for vacations, holidays and other nishtyaks, but it is also the time to think about studying. About the very training that will teach the most popular programming languages, it will “pump” skills, immerse you in solving real business projects, and, of course, it will start a successful career. Yes, you understood correctly - it will be about our School of Programmers. Under the cut, I’ll tell you about the results of the 9th issue and the beginning of recruitment in the 10th.

    First, let me remind you that the most motivated and persistent programmers who successfully completed the course and passed the exams are ready to start working in IT companies and IT departments.

    How did the programmer school

    The work of such a highly loaded and constantly growing service as is provided by a team of strong IT specialists - we have something to teach newcomers and everyone who plans to build a career in development. Not only in theory, but most importantly - in the practice of launching real business projects The main mission of the project is to help beginning (or changing the field of activity) IT specialists with great potential to find a great job.

    At the same time, like any large IT company, HeadHunter always needs an influx of new developers. Back in 2010, we realized that the best way to create a talent pool in IT is to organize your own School of Programmers . In 2011, the first set and first release took place. Since then, the school annually opens the door to a new stream of students.

    How to get to the School of programmers and what it gives

    Education at the School of Programmers is free, and in order to get into it, you need to go through a serious competitive selection: a test task and an in-person interview. To solve the problems of the test, you do not need to be a programming pro, but you need to think carefully.

    Our ideal candidate for admission passed the Computer Science course, is well acquainted with the algorithms and data structure, minimally speaks any programming language. But the main thing is a bright head!

    You need to study seriously - the strongest and most motivated get to the final projects. The most successful graduates receive job offers at HeadHunter or recommendations from other major IT companies.

    Students from such a process receive relevant practical knowledge not just from an online course or tutorial from some website, but directly from existing IT company employees, on real tasks, with the ability to ask or clarify something. Even if the student is not invited later to HeadHunter, he has excellent chances to go through any interview in junior or middle positions in a similar technology stack.

    What and how to learn at the School of Programmers

    How long: the training course includes three months of theory and three months of practice in programming in Java and JavaScript, partly in Python.

    Where: classes take place in the Moscow office of HeadHunter in the evenings, so it is quite possible to combine studies with work. Students are given practical homework to practice their skills.

    Who teaches: the leading developers of HeadHunter teach at the School of Programming - the very people who every day solve specific tasks for the development of In the classroom, we only talk about what we do and use ourselves, and we know exactly how to work with it. Who exactly is included in the teaching staff can be found on the School’s website .

    What is the trick: the main focus of classes at the School of Programming is on the practical side of technology. Students are engaged in real projects in production. Educational projects of the School of Programmers may well go on sale on

    Atmosphere: informal. HeadHunter is not a university, but an IT company with a democratic and friendly atmosphere. We have all employees from the first day turned to you.

    Normal school timing:

    September: beginning of recruitment (acceptance of applications).

    October: interviews with those who applied.

    November-February: lectures and homework.

    March-May: practical work on real projects.

    June: delivery of projects and graduation.

    The school program includes:

    • Beckend (Java Virtual Machine, Java collections + NIO, Java frameworks, search services architecture, databases and SQL, Python basics and much more);
    • Frontend (CSS and layout, JavaScript, React and Redux, design and something else);
    • Management and processes (engineering practices, flexible development methodologies, general knowledge of development, team building);
    • The study of version control systems and different types of testing.

    Learn more about the program in more detail on the school website .

    Key release numbers for 2019

    In 2019, compared with last year, the number of people wishing to attend school almost doubled - from 940 to 1,700. Of the applicants, 1,150 people began to perform the test task, but only 87 of them successfully completed and received an invitation to an interview. As a result of the interview, 27 people took the school (in 2018 - 25), 15 reached the final project.

    One of the strongest students of this year was accepted into the HeadHunter staff right during his studies, with ten more graduates, the company intends to continue cooperation. In total, the company currently employs 38 graduates of the School of Programmers of different years.

    What 2019 graduates say

    In a regular school, few liked homework. But at the School of Programmers, most students are not only happy with them, but sometimes they even ask for “supplements”: the practical development of the material obtained at the lectures is not boring and certainly useful.

    By the way, the School always collects feedback from students on each lecture in order to constantly improve the program.

    For those who want to expand their knowledge in the field of coding and gain new career prospects, interviews at the School of Programmers will start soon, on August 1. We are waiting for you!

    And finally, the feedback from our students:

    “There were no useless lectures, by and large I learned something new from each lecture. Lecturers well done! "

    “Super homework, I did it with pleasure!”

    “An excellent introduction to Maven helped answer some of my questions. Adding to this a reading of the book, I received comprehensive information on the topic. ”

    “It's hard not to remember with such homework!”

    “The task is fire”

    “The balance of the homework was almost perfect. Just a couple of times it was so that the little home was hanging a little more than I can do ”

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