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    Initially, a large mitap was planned for 200+ people, but because of the holidays, there were much fewer guests - about 60 people. But this not only did not interfere with the conduct, but also made the meeting more soulful and intimate, and communication at the round table was as open and lively as possible. Now to the reports!

    “Timlid as a leader-servant” - Stanislav Tsyganov (

    Yes, the first was your humble servant. He talked about the concept of Servant Leadership, as well as about its application in the context of teams of different maturity levels.

    “Onboarding new employees and building a knowledge base” - Denis Savitsky (Maxima Telecom)

    How to get from a newly hired employee of a real ninja who is guided in the project and with burning eyes solving one after another tasks?

    Denis said what companies lack, what the minimum set of onboarding instructions should be, so that the recruit does not disappoint in his choice in the first week of work and can resist the skepticism of Legacy employees.

    Round table on the selection of people

    Well, the round table about the selection of people, the motivation of applicants and much more became a cherry on the cake. The main participants were two heads, HR and even a psychologist.

    That's all, we will be glad to see you next time!

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