Presentations with Magento Meetup Kharkiv - Videos and Presentations

    Hello! I want to share with you the reports from the Magento Meetup Kharkiv, which was held on June 21. They will be of interest to everyone who somehow contacts in working with the Magento platform.

    There were 4 presentations:

    1. Adobe Stock Integration Project . Speaker Sergey Ivashchenko, Software Engineer at Magento.
    2. MSI In-Store Pickup. Functionality and complexity . Speakers Alexander Kravchuk and Maxim Novik, Software Developer at ISM Ukraine and Magento Community Maintainer.
    3. Proof of Concept for Magento 2 Projects: Occam's Razor . Speaker Alexander Shkurko, Software Engineer at Made People
    4. Advanced GIT or how to change history . Sergey Nezbritsky, Lead Backend Developer at Magecom.

    Adobe Stock Integration Project

    Magento Adobe Stock Integration started a month ago on Magento Imagine. This is a set of modules that allows you to use Adobe Stock media resources to populate Magento content. This is not only one of the first steps in the interaction between Adobe and Magento, but also the first integration of open source projects of these two companies.

    Sergey Ivaschenko from the Magento Community Engineering team spoke about Magento Adobe Stock Integration and how to join the development of this promising open source project in the early stages.

    Presentation link

    MSI In-Store Pickup: Functionality and Complexity

    Alexander Kravchuk and Maxim Novik answered the questions:

    1. How many developers do you need to write your in-store pickup delivery method?
    2. How should it work?
    3. What difficulties do you encounter during design and development?

    Presentation link

    Proof of Concept for Magento 2 Projects: Occam's Razor

    Alexander Shkurko spoke about Occam’s razor and how it will help in the development, implementation and maintenance of solutions.

    As examples, he considered 3 types of projects: a new project, a support project and a project completely unfamiliar to us.

    Presentation link

    Advanced GIT or how to change history

    Sergey Nezbritsky on live examples (live coding) showed how to edit / move / delete commits from the repository, how to "align" the history in the GIT repository and make it cleaner. He also taught me how to use the reset, revert, rebase commands.

    Presentation link

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