Jet world: open free access to the reports of the conference Joker 2018 + review of the top ten

    Hello, Habr! We posted videos of Joker 2018 reports and, by tradition, made a selection of the ten best reports according to conference attendees.

    All reports go from “junior” to “senior” in rating, but the differences between the places of the top ten reports are minimal and highly dependent on the assessment methodology. By slightly changing the methodology, you can greatly change places. So watch it all! Interestingly, Joker 2018 reports have some of the highest average ratings ever.

    Under the cutscene, videos are broken down with a table of contents according to the contents of the post, presentations and short descriptions. We also have a full conference playlist .

    Keynote: Don't walk away from complexity, run

    Speaker: Venkat Subramaniam
    Place: 10
    Rating: 4.14

    Our selection begins with an introductory keynote, which, according to listeners and viewers of Joker, sets the mood and sets the tone for all other reports. This is a simple but useful story by the founder of Agile Developer about how inevitable development problems appear - both ordinary and fundamental, as well as how to solve them.

    Changes in any created system, including applications, should be easy and cost-effective, but this is much easier said than done. And in his story, Venkat just lists the main places in which we make the application unreasonably complex - unreadable code, unnecessary configurations, dependencies, the desire to introduce new technologies and attempts to solve a simple problem in a difficult way, which leads to even greater problems.

    Keynote: The New Reality of Digital Civilization

    Speaker: Andrei Kurpatov
    Place: 9
    Rating: 4.23
    →  Presentation of the report

    In the 20th century, a person received less information in his entire life than in a week now - but this is too short a time for the brain to evolve and adequately perceive everything that it sees. What to do in such a situation, and how did the information environment affect human thinking? What threatens our brain with an aggressive information environment? What are the main problems of human intelligence? How to improve the effectiveness of your thinking using the latest brain science research?

    The keynote of the psychotherapist Andrei Kurpatov closing the conference answers these questions. His report became an interesting and, as we see from the reviews, successful experiment. Listeners, speakers and conference participants ideally fall into the category of “information-dependent” (after all, one of the goals of attending a conference or reading posts on a hub is to get even more information).

    And according to the audience, they were made to think by the story about information pseudo-debility, digital dementia and other unpleasant effects of information noise and a little rethink their life. And it is worth a lot, even if the topic does not affect Java so much.

    Jet distributor

    Speaker: Vadim Tsesko ( incubos )
    Place: 8
    Rating: 4.26
    →  Presentation of the report

    On the seventh-eighth place is a story about the practical application of jet technologies on the example of a music distributor in Odnoklassniki, which is suitable for everyone who is interested or needs to design a working highly loaded system.

    Vadim considers various concepts, tricks and architectural solutions that were introduced into the new version of the distributor, the total traffic of which reaches 100 GB / s through hundreds of thousands of connections, and the time to the first byte is no more than 100 ms.

    The presentation also has additional links for a deeper immersion in the topic, fine-tuning to increase system performance, simplify debugging and operation of the system. In general, practice, practice, and nothing but practice. Those who are in the subject - must watch!

    The Adventures of Senior Holmes and Junior Watson in the Software Development World [Joker Edition]

    Speaker: Evgeny Borisov ( EvgenyBorisov ), Baruch Sadogursky ( jbaruch )
    Place: 7
    Rating: 4.26
    →  Presentation of the report

    “- Sherlock, why doesn’t anything work again?”
    - This is elementary, my friend! Firstly, you are trying to run the fifth Spring in Java 7. Secondly, after a couple of months of using Groovy, you completely ceased to respect semicolons. And thirdly, the battery died in your laptop. ”

    Remarkable detective performance by Baruch and Eugene, outplaying Spring's features with a new“ German spy case ”compared to JPoint. Holmes and Watson revealed several mysteries from the life of developers about beans in Spring, documentation and exceptions. Even if not very in the subject - be sure to look, the plot of the duo’s report is very catchy and fascinating.

    Java process memory on the shelves

    Speaker: Andrey Pangin ( apangin )
    Place: 6
    Rating: 4.32
    →  Presentation of the report

    Enchanting dotting on why Java eats memory. Everything that you wanted to know, everything that you suspected, and that which you would dream of in nightmares. After all, not only virtual machines, but also libraries and user applications can be greedy, and problems can hide in the most unexpected places.

    The report can be used as a complete guide to action to solve memory leak problems. The most important thing is that the tools with which you can see and feel the memory consumption are taken apart. It is recommended not only to see the report, but also to go through all the steps of speaking in your own projects and update the problem areas.

    Java Puzzlers NG S04: Ha, with this release cycle, it seems like puzzlers are with you for a long time

    Speaker: Baruch Sadogursky ( jbaruch ), Tagir Valeev ( lany )
    Place: 5
    Rating: 4.33
    →  Presentation of the report

    The fourth season of Java puzzlers - Oracle does not stop and brings more and more surprises, which Baruch (this time in a frog costume - hello JFrog) and Tagir talk in an interactive and playful way.

    The puzzler rules are simple - you need to choose one of the answer options, how the selected piece of code will behave. A deep, informative and funny report, after which some things in Java can be looked at from a different angle. Be sure to take a look.

    The walking dead or the GC is always right

    Speaker: Ivan Uglyansky ( dbg_nsk )
    Place: 4
    Rating: 4.35
    →  Presentation of the report

    Automatic memory management is one of the main features of Java and other managed languages. At the same time, very little is written in the specification about GC: it is proposed to decide how to collect garbage from each specific JVM implementation. As a result, there are a huge number of strategies and degrees of freedom for garbage collection. For example, when exactly should a GC come for a dead object? The answer is not so obvious, and any decision can affect the progress of the user program.

    Yes, this is a report about GC, but with a good practical presentation and elements of a thriller, in which Ivan Uglyansky talks about why the collector leaves dead objects in memory, how it affects the application and how to survive during the invasion of walking dead objects.

    Do not think about quality, think about speed

    Speaker: Egor Bugaenko ( yegor256 )
    Place: 3
    Rating: 4.35
    →  Presentation of the report

    Yegor’s classic report is provocative, incendiary and useful. This time, it touches on the topic of software quality and why code quality is a necessary condition for a working environment, and not a developer’s task, as everyone thinks.

    In his opinion, programmers should be fast, not high-quality, and close tasks as soon as possible so that the project develops and continues to live. This is a non-standard view of the software development process, which was highly appreciated by Joker listeners and spectators (for example, Baruch came to him and began to ask questions in a typical manner), and found it very useful, despite the provocation.

    Pattern matching and his imaginary friends

    Speaker: Tagir Valeev ( lany )
    Place: 2
    Rating: 4.47
    →  Presentation of the report

    The case when the report is conducted by an expert in the language and is ready to delve into any related topic. Affordable, high-quality and, despite the seriousness of pattern matching, a rather fun story about how Java authors see PM, what other new features are required to make it convenient to use, and whether the light is visible at the end of the tunnel.

    He reveals the details of the work of the IDE developer, describes how the developers of the new API encounter problems and explains in an accessible form where the language is moving and how it is developing. A very worthy performance and a well-deserved place in the top ten. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with whatever the level of training is.

    Reactive spring

    Speaker: Josh Long
    Place: 1
    Rating: 4.57

    Our selection ends with a presentation by “the coolest Spring Evangelist in the world,” Josh Long, who usually opens Java conferences around the world, answers community questions, does Spring Tips and much more.

    Josh can talk easily about complex things, and at Joker 2018 he was able to fit in a live coding report on Reactive Spring with a lot of things: Netty-based web runtime, Spring WebFlux, Spring Data Kay, Spring Security 5.0, Spring Boot 2.0, Spring Cloud Finchley. He explains what the Reactive API is and how to work with it on live examples with a fun presentation. Very fast, at the same time funny and very useful!

    By the way, listeners recommend listening to Josh along with a report on the Odnoklassniki rocket music distributor, so if you did, skip up and watch. And according to them, after Josh’s speech, I want to “build applications using Reactive Spring right now!”

    A full playlist with all the reports is available here . We remind you that the new Joker 2019 is on its way and will be held October 25-26, 2019 in St. Petersburg. Tickets for it can and should be purchased on the official website .

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