Tokenized Shares: How to Become a Gett Investor Before Going IPO

    The recent Lyft taxi service IPO has sparked investor interest in taxi services. However, in addition to Lyft and Uber itself, in the near future, major players in this market do not plan to conduct an IPO. For example, the Gett service is going to enter the exchange only in 2020.

    At the same time, you can now invest in a company that is in the top 5 largest in your industry. To do this, tokenized securities (security tokens) tied to Gett preferred shares are used. Let's talk about how it all works.

    What are tokenized securities

    STO (security token offering) is a form of attracting investments where the object of investment is tokenized securities (security tokens). In fact, these are real shares of the company that certify the ownership of the owner, give the right to dividends, a share of profit, etc.

    Despite the fact that blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies are used to issue such tokens, this process is regulated by the state. In the case of a Gett offer, the issue and circulation of tokens takes place in accordance with the regulatory rules of the European Union financial market.

    How it works

    Gett Digital Securities is called GTT. They will be released on the OKONTO platform as part of an agreement with  ITI Capital Limited .

    Tokens will be secured by units of the DVC Drive Tech Fund SP (Gett shareholder), managed by Da Vinci Capital Management Limited, and linked to Gett's preferred shares. This means that if the company conducts an IPO, security tokens will be (subject to the appropriate actions of third parties) converted into Gett shares. Also, GTT tokens can be exchanged at the current exchange price, subject to the possibility of trading.

    Token value, investor rights

    It will be possible to purchase tokenized securities as part of the STO, which is scheduled to start on June 28. It will be held on the OKONTO platform website .

    The minimum investment for all classes of investors is 415 euros.

    PS On Thursday, June 27, at 11:30 an online press conference will be held. We invite you to participate in the media, financial bloggers and authors of telegram channels. To participate you need to register .

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