Golang Meetup vol. 4 - June 27, Nizhny Novgorod

    Hello everyone, my name is Lera Lisichkina, I am leading the Gett technology PR in Russia.

    We started talking about our Moscow office among developers not so long ago - Gett RnD opened a little less than two years ago, in September 2017.

    Since the spring of 2018, we have been actively participating in profile events, often being the general sponsors of the entire movement around the Russian Golang community - from meetings for 200 people to GopherCon Russia 2018 and 2019. Gett RnD is expanding in Russia now, because Our company enters the global corporate market. We constantly need new strong developers who can quickly join the team and begin to work productively. That is why for us, summer is a very hot time, not only in the temperature regime of air.

    Together with the GDG community of Nizhniy Novgorod, we are organizing a development meeting on Go , where three of my colleagues will speak:

    1. 1. Sasha Grunin rootatdarkstar , a Go developer in the B2B team, who will talk about the mistakes of using ORM both in the context of developing on Go and outside it, as well as good practices for isolating data access.
    2. 2. Zaur Abasmirzoev zaurio , head of the domain (this is the name of our departments) Business Operations, will continue the topic of Sasha, and delving into practical cases, he will talk about the go-gad / sal library, which offers a solution in the form of generating the same type of code based on the described interface . By the way, Zaur prepared this presentation based on his habrasti “Client Generator to a Database on Golang Based on an Interface” , so if you have not read it yet, I highly recommend it.
    3. 3. Vlad Bogomolov vladson4ik , a system architect, will talk about how to make an application health monitoring mechanism for multiservice architecture in Kubernetes.

    I will post all the presentations of the reports of the guys in the comments to this post after the event.

    If you are from Nizhny Novgorod, or suddenly want to come to our meeting, register here: gdgnizhny.timepad.ru/event/997436

    We promise high-quality content and after parties after the reports :)

    Why is Golang in our priority?

    Our technology stack includes Golang, React.js, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, and there are also several Ruby on Rails projects.

    In the Gett RnD Moscow office, we mainly base our Business Operations domain, which includes the following teams - Billing, Fleet Portal, Customer Care, Fraud & Payments, Development and Infrastructure. There is also a B2B team that deals with tasks related to the development of solutions for our corporate clients. The companies connected to Gett B2B, currently more than 20 thousand. Plus, we have a small (so far) Growth team, which is developing services for Gett Delivery delivery services.

    We will write more about how everything is arranged in Gett RnD in our next posts.

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