Friday Post: Questions Girls Love



    Yes, the title may lead someone into a state of temporary loss of a clear understanding of cause-effect relationships and virtual-spatial orientation, but in fact, everything is very simple, not more complicated than probability theory. The fact is that girls are naturally good marketers. In particular, in the huge arsenal of their tools for forecasting and monitoring the current situation, there is such an innocent question: do you remember how we met? In general, there is nothing particularly complicated in this matter, but only if you really know the answer to the question asked. If for some reason you forgot about this, of course, a momentous and key event in your relationship, then the result may turn out to be unpredictable, even catastrophic.

    And, no matter how strange it may look, but here you can support the girls in their desire to know the history of the issue: perhaps knowing this information will help them not to make mistakes again in the future and not to get acquainted with young people under the same circumstances, and it’s also possible that the girl will be able to tell about the right step taken many years ago, already to her daughters or granddaughters, to help them not make mistakes and not look for a soul mate where it is difficult or generally contraindicated to look for her.

    In general, enough to beat around the bush. Let's be honest: we at the company suddenly really wanted to know - but how did our users find us? What kind people advised them our browser with which they connected their network life? Unlike inquisitive girls, forcing their young people to remember details on their own, we went to meet you and immediately prepared several answer options. Thus, you can very easily satisfy our curiosity. Well, actually the survey is located at this link: You can

    answer a simple question here

    . That's all, we wish everyone a great weekend and comfortable web surfing, of course, with the Vivaldi browser!

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