10 problems that I solved with reminders on my smartphone

    Hey. Recently I conducted an audit of reminders on a smartphone and I want to share a list of problems / tasks that I managed to solve with their help.

    You might be thinking about something important while reading this list.

    Of course, we want to reduce the number of signals pulling us. But some important things I do not want to forget. Therefore, I installed special reminders.

    What do you need to remember to make life more convenient and fulfilling?

    Look at things in the morning (8-00 on weekdays and at 10-00 on weekends)

    I forgot for a long time in the morning to look at the to-do list for the day. I prepared the list in the evening, then once a week. But periodically I came across a situation that in the morning I had to take something from home to work with it during the day. I get up in the morning completely cleansed, carefree. And, accordingly, he recalled the task already in transport on the way to work, looking down in dismay at the book of problems. Then I transferred the task to tomorrow and the next day the situation repeated itself, because I recalled this business again only in transport.

    With the help of this reminder, I instilled the habit of looking through the to-do list in the morning and never encounter similar situations.

    Drink pills, vitamins, give injections (7-55)

    Also a morning task. Many people use dietary supplements and supplements such as B12 injections in the soft parts of the body. But they forget to drink and prick at the right time.

    It’s worth making this reminder. So your body will receive the necessary substances exactly at the time when experts and doctors recommend it.

    You can also set up a similar reminder in the evening, for example, before leaving work to drink dietary supplements and pills.

    Go to bed (23-30)

    A very useful reminder. It has been with me for about 3 years. Before installation, I could not lay myself earlier than 25-30 (1-30 according to normal time). And always did not get enough sleep, as I got up at 7-05.

    I put this reminder, because I realized that sleep is more important than reading these of our Internet. In the beginning, it did not give an effect. I turned it off and sat on. But over time, she began to act. She constantly reminded that you need to go to bed until 24-00. And in the end, I began to go to bed earlier, began to get enough sleep at night, improved immunity, appetite and potency.

    Why exactly 23-30? This allows you to complete things before 24-00 (clean feathers, watch a movie or series, read the article).

    Talk with your son on the phone (Tue and Thu, 15-00)

    I am divorced and communicate with my son on weekends. But I want to communicate more often. Before installing this reminder, I could call him in a week, but I could forget, because at work there are emergency workers a week long or more. The son is more important than the Avralov, and this reminder allows you not to forget about the important in the flow of urgent.

    Call granny (2 times a month)

    I live in my world where I want to have a strong family as much as possible. And so that all my beloved people would not be alone. But the rumors, quick life, goals ... I forgot to call the granny who lives in the village.

    She has a mobile phone and a landline phone. If there was a good Internet connection, then I would teach her video communications. I hope some of the operators ever make the Internet there.

    In general, now like a clock. If my grandmother didn’t dial me, then I call her every two weeks. To brush my teeth with a paste

    Friend (Wed and Sun, 23-00)

    Every week my dog ​​needs to brush his teeth with special paste. Without a reminder, I forgot about it, cleaned it with a simple brush, and the cleaning with paste moved for a day or several days.

    Now everything is clear according to the recommendations of the best dog lovers.

    The same reminder is used to dig up the tick remedy (every 3 weeks)

    The same reminder is used to clean the aquarium with three turtles (guess what their name is?), Which I always forgot. The yellow, thick color of the suspension reminded me well of cleaning, but it’s better to clean their apartment on time and not arrange a general water change once a month.

    In general, we care for those who are tamed!

    Enter the counters on mos.ru (15th day, 14-00)

    Oh yes, the eternal problem that the reminder managed to solve. If the counters are paid later or earlier than the due date, then the payments begin to float according to the amount, it becomes completely impossible to understand how much water we spent this month, if there are any errors. Mess, in general. And now everything is right on time, of course, in order.

    To clean winter shoes (Aug 1)

    I generally constantly forgot about this. Maybe this is paranoia, but there is an opinion that winter shoes should be monitored even when you don’t wear them. Apply cream, look at her with a loving gaze. Dear, good shoes. My. High quality. Beloved. Well, you get the point.

    I did not clean it in the summer, and after installing the reminder, I began to look after it at least once in the summer.
    Maybe with the summer one should do something similar. Need to think.

    The same goes for leather clothes. A winter leather sheepskin coat will thank you if you are not courting in summer.

    A bonus reminder allows you to review clothes and shoes for the winter to buy them in the summer, while discounts.

    Put a bit on the number or make a paid call from the spare mobile phone (every month)

    I always forgot to put money on the number from which the call is forwarded to the current number. Because of this, he sometimes disconnected. Many are afraid to use auto payment. In this case, such a reminder will help. Now I go to LK and replenish the account. I am in touch.

    A similar problem arises if the operator forces you to make paid calls once every how much time.

    Charge all equipment (every 3 months)

    I have a bunch of equipment that I rarely use: a JBL speaker, replacement smartphones, a Sony a7 camera, a bluetooth headset, and so on. It’s a pity to sell them, since I use them a couple of times a year. Here they are. If you do not charge them, the battery may be covered.

    Now I periodically take them out and charge them to the full level. Dear devices are protected.

    Write down the weight and pressure (once a week).

    Such a thing is with them - it is better to monitor periodically, at the same time. I always forgot to record weight and pressure. Therefore, the measurement graphs were torn. Now I keep the schedule as it should.

    Please share what reminders do you use?

    I will supplement the article with your help. And with God. Just kidding. Only with yours.

    UPD from comments
    NikolaBY Watering the flowers every four days. This reminder saved many plants :)
    Miller777 Once every few years: renew the license for arms, rights, do fluorography, visit the
    Miller777 and Rohan66 dentists make paid calls once a month from a spare SIM card
    AndreyYu Once a few years - update already vaccinated
    ya_ka Extension of inspection, extension of insurance, driver's license and other documents
    Kaer_Morchendomain renewal (once a year), preventive visits to an ophthalmologist and dentist (once a year), pay taxes on property and cars (once a year)
    UksusoFF Feed the turtle (a snake, an animal that eats once every few days)
    eugeneb0 At work: break off and go for a walk.
    VolCh recharge the paverbank once a month, extend your residence permit - a month before the end of
    twix007 change of passwords every 6 months
    tommyangelo27 once a week I hit the balance of home accounting, once in two weeks I review the notes - delete the unnecessary and systematize the necessary ones. Once a month I look at the site with IT conferences

    UPD2 I also remembered what I did before.

    Revision of goals for a year (in May and September)
    [Together with the idea of dolovar ]

    I have a tradition. Every time on New Year's Eve, I go to the bathhouse (but you can also go home). There I summarize the year and plan a new year. I set goals, prioritize desires. It is impossible to forget. They buzz about the new year from any iron.

    But by the middle of the year, or even earlier, it happens, part of the planned already disappears. It is necessary to update the goals, otherwise, as it happened, at the end of the year you discover that most of the planned cases could not be done.

    With a reminder in the middle of the year about updating annual goals, your goals are always updated, you do what is relevant and important.

    Daily ritual (7-20 on weekdays, 9-20 on weekends)

    After reading the motif “ Magic of the Morning ”, I had a morning ritual, including those things for which I did not have enough time and energy at another time. Now in the morning I pump the press in all sorts of sadistic ways and pump the voice according to the method of lowing "MNL".

    In order not to forget about it, as it were, my desire, while there is no habit, you can use such a reminder.

    View the weather (8-20)

    I was a champion in leaving the house, not dressed for the weather. Forget the umbrella and get wet? Wear a light shirt, although it gets colder in the evening? To dress in the winter, although it’s already spring? These are the situations.

    Reminder about viewing the weather allows you to be dressed according to the weather.

    UPD3 From my wife Make an appointment

    for a manicure (every 3 weeks) and to a hairdresser (every 6 weeks)
    [Reminder also uses 1cenova ]
    To good queue masters. To get a manicure or a haircut in time, you need to install a reminder to make an appointment with them and get in time.

    Buy the cheapest tickets (once a year)
    I like to relax in the winter in Asia. Many go on vacation only in the summer. It so happens that tickets and hotels are cheaper to purchase if you buy in advance. If you rest at the same time, then the time for cheap tickets also comes at the same time, for example, six months before the vacation.

    With this reminder, you can always purchase the cheapest tickets and hotel reservations.

    Record the results of the month in the results of the year (once a month)

    When the wife sat down to take stock of the year, she had a stupor. It is difficult to recall what he was doing all year. And remember what I was doing this month easier.

    If you install a reminder to record the results of the month, then the results of the year will be experienced more fully and more joyfully.

    Sign up for a dental examination and ultrasound brushing (once a year)

    Dental brushing is carried out, usually once a year, and even included in the compulsory medical insurance. Inspection is also carried out once a year. It is worth it all to combine.

    In order not to forget to take care of your teeth, you can leave such a reminder.

    Develop a good habit (several times a day)

    Drink a glass of water, take a break during work (using the tomato method, for example), do exercises for the eyes.

    I would be pleased if you would now open your smartphone and add the desired reminder

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