# ITX5 will gather a party of JAVA developers

    X5 Retail Group is not only 14 thousand “Fives”, a thousand “Crossroads” and “Carousels”, but also 1,300 IT people, including JAVA developers. X5 created a lot of solutions using JAVA, we are ready to share our cases and listen to partners.
    On July 9, we will get together at the # itx5 office just for this.

    In the program:

    18:30 - tea-coffee and cookies
    19:00 - Alexander Krasnoshchekov from X5 will answer the question “How many abstractions are needed to plan a car for a flight?”
    19:20 - Vitaliy Kutsenko from Otus will open the topic “Optional. The history of development and application in different versions of java »
    19:40 - Dmitry Latyshev from Leroy Merlin will talk about Stream Processing in general and Kafka Stream in particular
    20:00 - we will chat for coffee and goodies
    20:20 - Paul Finkelstein of Lamoda tell whether Kotlin really as good as they say
    20:50 -netvorking.

    Participants need to register on Timepad or get a counter-lock from a friend # itx5.

    Register .

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