NeoQUEST-2019 face-to-face: shoot down drones and create a pocket-sized VirusTotal

    It would seem that just recently we gathered together to listen to reports on the most relevant issues in information security, try to do something cybersafe with our own hands, look at a cold-boot-attack and just have a good time.

    A year passed quickly, and already 26 June , as always - in St. Petersburg - we are waiting for all those for whom cybersecurity - not an empty phrase for "confrontation» NeoQUEST-2019! Under the cut - about reports and workshops, welcome!


    Ilya Petrov: “Hacker Android”
    What should a true pentester do with his phone? That's right, turn it into a portable machine to search for all sorts of vulnerabilities! In the report, we will consider tools that will help to create a machine for reversing binaries, testing servers and searching for web vulnerabilities from an ordinary Android phone. We will try to do without root, honestly, honestly!

    Anna Shtyrkina, Anastasia Yarmak: “Divide and conquer, or why do we need secret sharing schemes”
    Imagine that there is information whose knowledge gives a person unlimited power. These may be: ballistic missile launch codes, evidence of the existence of reptilians , the origin of John Snow.
    Would you, username, trust one person to access this information? And if not, how to share the key to such data between a group of trusted people without the risk of leakage?
    The answer to this question was independently proposed by Shamir and Blackley in 1979. In the report, we will talk about the concept of the secret sharing scheme, as well as its most interesting applications.

    Ilya Petrov: “Vulnerabilities are not toys for you!”
    What is fraught with the game code and gaming equipment? What problems can be encountered in the presence of these vulnerabilities? In the report, we consider critical vulnerabilities in the gaming industry and tell interesting facts about their exploitation.

    Timur Yalymov: “Is BIOS protected?”
    Decided to turn a computer into a brick? No problem, flash the BIOS! In the report, we will look at possible options for changing the BIOS of the motherboard, including from the OS. And most importantly, we will analyze the existing protection systems that are implemented by various manufacturers. You will find out how lazy BIOS developers are and how to properly create your own secure BIOS!

    Ilya Shaposhnikov: “One day in the life of a reseller”
    What is common between OracleDB SQL injection and reverse engineering Transcend USB-SD adapter? Nothing at all. Our guest speaker will tell you two completely unrelated entertaining stories from the life of an information security specialist.

    Vadim Shmatov: “Is a quantum computer so terrible as it is painted?”
    The report will talk about the principles of the quantum computer and the progress of modern companies in creating this computing device. Then, threats that a quantum computer presents to modern asymmetric and symmetric cryptosystems (Shor algorithm, Grover algorithm) will be examined. Finally, we analyze the results of our own implementation of these algorithms running on the ibmqx4 quantum computer (IBM Q 5 Tenerife) and draw conclusions about the possibility of conducting quantum attacks now and in the near future.

    And show

    Ilya Petrov: “Development of a home VirusTotal”
    This workshop will be devoted to the development of a pocket-sized anti-virus complex that works in LiveCD mode directly from a flash drive! We will teach you how to scan files using various antiviruses, poke the qemu hypervisor , recognize the libvirt programming interface, and write some Python code.

    Vadim Shmatov: “Take down the drone!”
    Workshop participants will be able to assemble their own powerful directional jammer! First, we assemble and program a conventional omnidirectional silencer using an Arduino board and a radio module. And then we will connect the directional antenna and make sure that this interference generator is working, disabling the experimental drone!

    Maxim Votchenikov: “Hello ma ## facturer!”
    The workshop will be devoted to an overview of how to determine network devices when the notorious nmap does not give the desired result. We’ll tell you how to determine the manufacturer of the device, its model and version of the installed firmware. In addition, we will prepare a special stand with which the workshop participants will be able to test their knowledge in practice.

    And what else?

    All of the above - only a small part of the planned! As always, there will be entertainments and contests for which you can receive gifts. Each participant will also be able to compete for the main prize of the Twitter quiz!

    And also this year, the general sponsor of NeoQUEST is Sberbank, which also prepared something interesting for guests!

    Like last year, the MiTSOBI scientific and technical conference will be held in parallel with NeoQUEST . NeoQUEST guests are highly recommended to visit - science in the informational library is needed and important!

    Entrance is free for everyone, you must first register HERE !

    So, the “NeoQUEST-2019 Face-to-Face” will be held on June 26, at the address - St. Petersburg, Parkline Resort and Spa Hotel (metro Krestovsky Island, Ryukhin St., 9 a).
    Beginning at 11 00 !

    See you at NeoQUEST!

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