Intel Xeon W - when you want more help

    In the Cascade Lake family replenishment: after the second generation Intel Xeon Scalable, new models of the Xeon W series are introduced . Let me remind you that processors with the W index are designed for high-performance workstations - in particular, these new products will be included in the freshly announced Apple Mac Pro , although they are suitable for any other computer, even in the wall-mounted version.

    A total of 9 models are presented in the family, all of them are almost identical in functionality and differ only in the number of cores and frequencies. Some models have an additional index M - it means the presence of a more advanced memory controller that supports up to 2 TB of RAM. All others are limited to “just” one terabyte. With younger models, DDR4-2666 memory is used, while older ones can work with DDR4-2933. As for the socket, it is the same as Scalable - LGA 3647.

    Among the functional innovations, I would like to mention Intel Deep Learning Boost - an additional set of instructions AVX-512, which accelerates machine learning and Deep Learning due to vector operations of scalar product 8- bit and 16-bit values ​​with 32-bit summation.

    Numerical operational characteristics are given in the table. Note that compared with the previous generation, the choice of models with more than 20 cores has increased - previously there were only one, now 4. Thanks to improvements in the manufacturing process, we managed to lower TDP: earlier it was 255 W for 28 cores, now it is 205 W. So, within the 14 nm framework, there is still something to do.
    CPU Cores / threads Frequency GHz TDP, W Cache, MB Price, $
    Xeon W-3275M 28/56 2.5-4.6 205 38.5 7453
    Xeon W-3265M 24/48 2.7-4.6 205 33 6353
    Xeon W-3245M 16/32 3.2-4.6 205 22 5002
    Xeon W-3275 28/56 2.5-4.6 205 38.5 4449
    Xeon W-3265 24/48 2.7-4.6 205 33 3349
    Xeon W-3245 16/32 3.2-4.6 205 22 1999
    Xeon W-3235 12/24 3.2-4.5 180 16.5 1398
    Xeon W-3225 8/16 3.7-4.4 160 eleven 1199
    Xeon W-3223 8/16 3,5-4,2 160 eleven 749
    It seems that with such characteristics, the new Xeon W will suit the most fastidious user. On sale, they will appear in the very near future.

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