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    Hello, Khabrovchans! The 10th Anniversary DevConf Conference will be held very soon . Within the management section, experts will share their experience and their knowledge in the field of management. We present to your attention some of the section reports:

    Fear and hate of working in a high-tech startup (Konstantin Yurevich)

    Konstantin is a manager, manager who began his career as a developer. A person who can speak with the techies in the same language and really understand the reasons and motives of their words and actions. As part of the report, we’ll talk about work in a startup and analyze the answers to the following topics:

    • How a startup experience can change a developer’s mindset forever.
    • Who is he, the ideal startup developer?
    • 5 reasons why half does not survive in the first month.
    • Is it worth trying to make your own startup.
    • Open source project as an alternative to startup.

    Guide to building a career in IT (Roman Soroka)

    One of the most difficult questions for beginners in IT technologies is the question of their own development and growth. It is almost impossible to find a silver bullet in the answer to this question. However, you can definitely warn against mistakes when building your own career. We will talk about this as part of a speech by Roman, a specialist with more than a decade of experience, who grew up from a quality control engineer to the head of a group.

    Blockchain dive for a web specialist (Dmitry Borodin)

    The report from one of the recognized experts of the IT community, the founder of the Topface social network, Dmitry Borodin, is devoted to the disclosure of popular myths about blockchain technology. The loud hype has subsided, and understanding when the blockchain is needed, and when there is none, is much gone. Dmitry will talk about the main misconceptions in the world of this technology, as well as give recommendations that will help you understand the need to use blockchain.

    This is only a small part of the topics and reports that will be heard at the X-perience Hall on June 21 and 22.

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