Where to talk about Apache Ignite and distributed systems in summer

    June 14 in St. Petersburg will host the Apache Ignite Meetup mitap : real cases . We listen to the guys who succeeded. The first case is IMDG for calculating the margin of trading contracts in Heineken. The second is Gazpromneft's industrial platform. Why open source and Ignite? Where are they screwed? How and why does it work? Speakers will answer these and other questions at the meeting. Join us on Friday evening, June 14th. So that it was not stuffy, we even found a bigger room - registration .

    On July 11, in St. Petersburg, at the Hydra conference, Alexey Zinoviev will make a report “Not all ML algorithms fall into distributed paradise”. He will share his experience in adapting classical machine learning algorithms for execution in distributed mode, including the creation of Apache Ignite ML, in which he took an active part.

    On July 13 in Moscow, we will try a new format - a workshop, on which we will analyze the product API for storing and processing data, learn how to start and configure a cluster, and analyze common configuration errors. Unfortunately, the places for the workshop have already ended, but we will have one more. Program and poll for choosing the next workshop date . Have you wanted to spin Apache Ignite for a long time, but all hands did not reach? Then this is the option for you.

    All appearances at Apache Ignite meetings can be viewed on the youtube community channel in Russia orin a group in vk .

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