Summer DIYorDIE Meetup June 16th


    On June 16, an open DIY Meetup will be held in the Moscow office of Group. We invite all concerned to spend the weekend with benefit. The program and the link to register - under the cut.

    DIY community Group - these are developers who, in their free time, master cool and unexpected things. For example, a smart home and a smart watch, a hug, a thermal imager on the FLIR Lepton, an electric bike and much more. From time to time we are going to share our developments and exchange experiences with the same enthusiasts. Everyone can come forward and present their idea - the main thing is that the others also find it interesting!

    Who did you vote for this time and what our speakers will talk about:

    • “We assemble a quadrocopter and learn to fly,” Yuri Lilekov
      I will tell you about the quadrocopters themselves and the choice of spare parts for them (motors, propellers, regulators, flight controllers, frames, FPV, etc.). I will show the assembly process and configure the quadrocopter and describe the various flight modes.
    • “Control of unmanned aerial vehicles without attracting the attention of orderlies” , Ivan Makarov
      The path from the first laser-ironing autopilot of an unmanned aerial vehicle in 2008 to the serial production of a whole range of instrumentation for flight control systems for heavy drones in 2019. I will share knowledge of how the task of controlling the device is structured.
    • “Do-
      it-yourself electric scooter , Vyacheslav Golovanov What electric scooter consists of, how to choose components. And also - how to make a battery.
    • “The advantages of 3D modeling in home creativity” , Sergey Tarasov.
      Why is it better to pre-model everything you want to do? It is not difficult, besides it saves time, and also gives new unexpected ideas and solutions in DIY projects.
    • “Computer vision as an alternative to office passes” , Vadim Balashov
      About the technical vision system and API for developers, about how they decided to test it in the office, about integration with access control systems, the architecture of the resulting system and the first prototypes of cameras. And also about what they have come to at the moment and what are the problems, and about the meeting of the government delegation. The recognition system can be tested in between reports.
    • “Full-Dome Cinema 360” , Anton Anokhin
      Mobile full-dome cinemas and concert venues: from a garage in the Moscow Region to offices in LA and China.
    • “RFID implantation: a devil’s label, a toy for geeks or the future?” , Vladislav Zaitsev
      Theory: what is RFID (frequencies, standards, protocols). Practice: process, possible risks and necessary qualifications; methods of using implantable chips and how to use RFID implants. Prospects: ACS systems based on RFID implants; active implants and connection to the nervous system; internal power and external interfaces.

    The report program is scheduled until 18:00. After the presentations - free communication, exchange of ideas and a small technology exhibition.

    To participate, registration is required .

    Join our DIY channel in Telegram .
    Watch videos of previous meetings on the community’s YouTube channel .

    Gathering of participants and registration : 12:30.
    The reports start at 13:00.
    Approximate end of the event : 19:00.

    Address : Moscow, metro station “Airport”, Leningradsky Prospekt, 39, p. 79.

    For those who can’t come, a video broadcast will be organized.

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