The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 300 developer (May 27 - June 2)

    It took a little over 6 years to issue 300 digests. Hello everyone, my name is Leonid, and I am doing these articles.

    During this time, I went through several work shifts, moving, opening my own project and a dozen sites, releasing dozens of applications, conducting many conferences and meetings, more than 100 issues of the podcast, ban digest from Habr and much, much more. But each time I tried to share what was happening and make the development (which also changed dramatically) a little better and more understandable. If you want, you can encourage me through standard mechanisms (the link is below the profile), but more interestingly, what has changed? What direction are you moving in? How can you make the digest better in the next 6 years? Let's discuss in the comments :)

    We collect hundreds of metrics and are able to drill them down to business sections: verticals, regions, authorized users, etc. We do this automatically using a single platform for experiments. In the article, I will tell you in sufficient detail how the platform is arranged and we will dive into some interesting technical details.In a previous article, I talked about how to quickly make a Web-dialer. But what if you set a more ambitious task - to assemble your own application with a card, without ads and with blackjack? And if in just a couple of days?

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    • (+21) The  title will be different
    • (+15)  Apple Subscriptions Notifications Guide for iOS. Are they really good?
    • (+11)  Endless UIScrollView
    • (+10)  General idea of ​​Clean Swift architecture
    • (+9)  Introductory Offers on iOS
    • (+8)  Interview - 10 questions about Swift. Part 3
    • (+6)  Router and Data Passing of the Clean Swift architecture
    Up to 200 MB can now be downloaded on iOS without Wi-Fi
    iPhone applications send data to thousands of trackers
    Eight students from Russia whom Apple invited to WWDC
    RxSwift: processing errors with CompactMap
    How Apple constantly substitutes developers and does not follow its own rules
    Make custom View with UIKit
    Location notifications in iOS
    Use VSCode as an editor for the Swift compiler
    Survive in RxSwift
    We prevent Man-in-the-Middle attacks in iOS using SSL Pinning
    Simplify communication templates with Closure in Swift 
    Solve ambiguous restrictions without restarting the application
    App Store -

    Android principles and practices

    • (+16)  Themes, styles and others
    • ( +15)  How to make two applications from one. Tinkoff Junior Experience
    • (+9)  We use Firebase as the image storage for the Android application
    Android Dev Podcast # 95. Mobius 2019 Spb
    Google tightens policies regarding lootboxes and children's apps
    Mobile People Talks # 5: Android Q in the wake of Google I / O 19
    How to implement Clean Architecture in Android
    Explore the integration of Kotlin and Lifecycle Architectural Components coroutines
    Edittext Picker library
    StateListAnimator - a small powerful animation tool
    An easy way to work with Kotlin coroutines in Android
    Google Play IAP verification with Cloud Functions
    Like us in Revolut implemented 3D maps
    GoodReads API on Android with Kotlin
    Activity / Service as Dependencies: rethinking the Android architecture for the Uber application
    We create an application for defining objects with the Firebase ML Kit


    • (+12) Xamarin API documentation is now in the public domain
    • (+10)  Varieties of coordinates used in Unity3d GUI
    • (+6)  Unity state machine architecture for organizing unit behavior
    Podlodka # 113: Release management
    How to stay in physical and mental form, continuing to program
    nWay opens its game backend
    Classmates and VKontakte launched a mobile games contest with prizes worth 1.4 million rubles
    About Game Jams
    Top 10 mobile vulnerabilities of OWASP with real examples
    Creating side projects is cool or how we brought art to naro d
    Runway: UX research
    Park It: UX research
    Unreal Fest Europe 2019 video
    Fast and slow programming: developers and overconfidence effect
    How NOT to get a $ 30,000 bill from Firebase
    Starting a career in video games - online training course

    Analytics, marketing and monetization

    App Radar launched a free plan for ASO
    Subway Surfers: 2.5 billion installations
    FreshToHome: Indian fish marketplace
    Second edition of the book “Intercom about Onboarding”
    The creators of Pokemon Go announced an application for healthy sleep
    Livekick: Video Workouts
    Customer Development and Castdev. What is the difference?
    Online dating market overview: how much applications earn and which business models they use
    You all think that the outflow of users is wrong

    AI, Devices, IoT

    • (+88)  Neural networks prefer textures and how to deal with it
    • (+32)  Introduction to the machine training
    • (+26)  Touch mini switch with a glass panel on nRF52832
    • (+8)  Tracking a stolen bicycle using NB-IoT protocol
    TikTok wants to release its smartphone

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