MessageBox for AvaloniaUI

    MessageBox — useful window for different GUI frameworks, but you can't find it in AvaloniaUI.
    Let's try to do it.

    Solution, which I wanna improve and support, you can find on nuget and on gitlab. It'll be glad, if somebody bring new ideas with his/her pull requests.

    I wanna create my lib as easy and useful as WPF's messagebox is.

    Let's start

    Call this method:

    MessageBox.ShowForResult("test","Wanna test smth?",MessageBox.MessageBoxButtons.OkCancel);

    and get window with header, content(text) and two buttons. (Windows 10, Ubuntu 18.04)

    Class MessageBox contains public 4 methods:
    ShowForResult — return result of button's click.
    ShowDialog — return result of button's click and set this window as dialog window for chosen parent.
    Show — show window with one «ok» button, which ignore result of click (return void).
    ShowNative — try to call native window for platform, if failed, call ShowForResult.

    How it works:

    In every method create window,

    var messageBox = new MessageBox();

    and set content for each.

     messageBox.Content = CreateBaseMsgBox(text, buttons, messageBox);

    Content is a grid, which include rows, one for textbox:

     var textBlock = new TextBlock();
     textBlock.Text = text;
     textBlock.TextAlignment = TextAlignment.Center;
     textBlock.TextWrapping = TextWrapping.Wrap;

    other for grid with buttons:

    var btnGrid = GetButtonGrid(GetButton(window, MessageBoxResult.Yes),

    Full listing for GetButtonGrid.
    private static Grid GetButtonGrid(params Button[] buttons)
                var grid = new Grid();
                List definitions = new List();
                for (int i = 0; i < buttons.Length; i++)
                    definitions.Add(new ColumnDefinition{Width = new GridLength(5)});
                    definitions.Add(new ColumnDefinition{Width = new GridLength(1,GridUnitType.Star)});
                definitions.Add(new ColumnDefinition{Width = new GridLength(5)});
                 var j = 1;
                foreach (var btn in buttons)
                    j += 2;
                return grid;

    The functionality of the buttons is given by the method:

    GetButton(MessageBox window,MessageBoxResult result)

    Read more
    private static Button GetButton(MessageBox window,MessageBoxResult result)
               var btn = new Button();
               btn.Content = result.ToString();
               btn.Click += (_, __) =>
                   window.Res = result;
               return btn;

    The method accepts a window which be manipulated by buttons, and result returned by them.

    And, the last thing to consider is a code fragment that provides the result of a button click:

    var tcs = new TaskCompletionSource();
    messageBox.Closed += delegate { tcs.TrySetResult(messageBox.Res); };
    return tcs.Task;

    As a result, we get simple windows with buttons, which will allow us to create cross-platform MessageBox.

    Grateful for user worldbeater.

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