Efficiency Algorithms: Nobelic 2019 Surveillance Camera Review


    Nobelic models remain our most sought after cameras and there are many reasons for this.

    From the start of sales, we did not change the characteristics of the devices, but were engaged in the development of the service. Even the most popular camera is only half the success, the software is responsible for the rest.

    The truth is that Ivideon is a service, program code, algorithms, and the camera is the entry point to the service. According to this principle, we decided to reduce (forever) the price of Nobelic. Now using the service is easier (and more profitable).

    So far, we consider Nobelic to be the most optimal entry point to Ivideon. And why precisely so - we will tell further.

    Nobelic has changed our ideas about sales. It is ridiculous to recall that we positioned the first models as a universal solution for the home. Practice has shown that we were wrong.

    Soon it became completely clear that the cameras were chosen not only for home, but also for office use. Shops, fitness clubs, gas stations, hairdressers, cafes - all ignored our marketing calculations and bought "home" cameras. 44% of our users after buying a Nobelic camera connect a cloud archive and switch to paid tariffs.

    Nobelic models can be described as complete box solutions for quickly organizing a simple, secure and efficient video surveillance system. But first things first.

    Optimal minimalist design.

    If we talk specifically about the design of models, then it can be described as strict, without frills, but with recognizable elements of the "author's style". However, judge for yourself.


    From left to right: NBQ-1110F with Wi-Fi, NBLC-1110F-MSD with POE, outdoor camera NBLC-3130F-WSD with Wi-Fi.

    The first two chambers we call the "triangle" and the "cookie". By the way, who will guess why a cookie, and not, for example, a brick? Write in the comments version.

    It seemed to us that the white color will help fit the cameras perfectly into any modern office or residential interior.

    As always, life has made its own adjustments. We were asked: “Everything is ok, but where are the black cameras?”


    I had to get black ones. With rounded edges.


    On the front side of the devices are the lens, camera status LED, infrared light, microphone and speaker.


    All switching ports are located on the back side, there is also a secret reset button.


    On the bottom cover of the camera is a microSD card slot with a capacity of up to 128 GB.

    What's in the box? Unboxing rustling ASMR

    They put everything necessary in the box so that you can quickly install the cameras and get started, except for our beautiful stickers. Write if you like the stickers and want to see them in the box.


    In addition to the camera, in the box you will find a network adapter, an installation template, 3 screws with dowels and a user manual. A branded bracket is also included in the package, making it easy to fix the cameras in the right position.


    In fact, the camera can simply be put on a flat surface - it will work. Or magnetize to any piece of iron - for this the 1210 series has a magnetic base.

    Recall that the presence of the mounting template will help, if necessary, quickly mark the points for drilling mounting holes in the mounting location of the camera. You only need a pencil, drill, drill and screwdriver.


    First of all, we note an expanded range of operating temperatures: from - 10 to + 45 ° C. Such characteristics are now typical for any device. Even on the iron they will write it like that. No one thought anyone would take it seriously.

    It turned out that way - literally. Cameras are used not only at home or in the office, but also, for example, in the garage.

    We used to think that Ivideon is like for those who want maximum comfort. No DIY, soldering iron and robot made from a younger sister, camera and tape. Everything is simple, clear, act strictly according to the instructions.

    In 2019, it is worth recognizing that we underestimated the users. Otherwise, how else to explain that someone began to use the camera outside of its official characteristics. So they write: “The camera is intended for use in rooms with temperatures up to minus ten degrees, in fact it can work even at temperatures lower than stated. At minus 15 it works, I did not check further. ”

    The Nobelic NBLC-1110F-MSD has a 1.3-megapixel sensor, which forms an image with a resolution of 1280 x 960 pixels. And the used lens with a focal length of 2.8 mm provides a camera viewing angle of 95 °.

    The characteristics of the matrix do not allow using it to track the bear at night in the taiga, but to solve everyday office and home tasks it is 100% hit on the target.
    Moreover, with such a picture, even our face recognition system and other analytics will work without problems. Another argument in favor of the fact that the division of cameras into “home” and “for business” is conditional.


    For those who need to see thirty meters, the series has advanced specimens. So NBLC-1410F-WMSD is equipped with a 4-megapixel sensor that allows you to get a video sequence with a resolution of 2688 x 1520 pixels with a viewing angle of 106 °.

    Thanks to the powerful built-in infrared illumination system (effective at a distance of up to 10 meters), all the main models record detailed and high-quality images regardless of lighting. Even in complete darkness you can see everything that happens in the field of view of the camera, however, in black and white. But we still do not recommend tracking down bears.

    You can configure the detector yourself, as well as change many other parameters through the mobile application

    The built-in motion detector activates footage recording only when necessary, so as not to waste resources. Plus, when it is triggered, you will automatically receive e-mail and push notifications. So, even being outside the facility, you can always be in the know about the events.

    The microphone integrated in the camera will help to quickly monitor the situation in the protected area, and the presence of a speaker allows you to use it in the voice video mode.

    Such functionality can be useful to you in various life situations, for example, when observing a child (remote baby-sitter function) or a pet.

    Some will argue that the built-in audio path for most cameras is not high enough and the animals will not listen to you. For those who doubt the quality of the cameras, we placed at the end of the article a selection of real videos recorded with their help. Watch, listen and evaluate video and sound quality. As the experience of operating such devices in most cases shows, pets very quickly adapt to the owner’s voice from the speaker and willingly carry out his commands.

    Note that the presence of Ethernet and Wi-Fi network controllers in the models provides high switching flexibility. In addition, when working with our cloud-based video surveillance service Ivideon, cameras can use data encryption with an asymmetric key. Over the entire period of operation of this technology, not a single fact of breaking into encrypted data was recorded. Manufacturers of even more expensive systems cannot boast of such statistics.

    By the way, when purchasing other cameras (for example, Xiaomi Yi Home Camera 720p), which, as a rule, broadcast a video stream in an open form, do not be surprised that your private life may become public. Note also that many Chinese cameras do not use data encryption when connected via the Telnet protocol.

    Of course, we strive to be open, but not as much.

    As they say, if privacy is important to you and personal data, take care of this yourself. And our system will help you with this.

    The undoubted advantage of Nobelic devices is the ability to record footage on an external microSD-card. Thanks to this, you can quickly and without unnecessary operations obtain a copy of the video on a physical medium. Cards with a capacity of up to 128 gigabytes are supported, which is twice as much as that of many competitors.


    You can also make a copy of the video directly through our cloud service. Get information in any way convenient for you. Plus, this hybrid storage technology will protect you from any technical failure.


    For your convenience, applications for working with cameras via mobile devices based on iOS and Android have been created . They have a high rating. On Google Play, we achieved a rating of 4.5 out of 5 with more than 2 million downloads, which is without exaggeration to be called one of the best results in the industry.


    Video cameras can be powered from the included network adapter, or (for some models) via an Ethernet terminal using PoE technology.

    We create a video surveillance system

    You can create your own video surveillance system using Nobelic using the technology of our cloud service in just a couple of minutes. To do this, just install the camera in the right place.


    Any user who knows how to work with a smartphone will quickly connect and configure the cameras. For easy connection to our service, you can use the QR code by reading it in the application. You no longer need to bother and pay for a static IP address, configure the address translation table on the router and do many more other settings.

    At the moment, our service is the only video surveillance platform built on the basis of geographically (dynamically) distributed data centers that provide work at the same level of quality for users around the world. Thus, users of Cambodia and Ryazan see the same Ivideon service.

    For home surveillance systems, there is a free tariff that supports up to 15 cameras in one account. This is enough to control your home. In addition, you can transfer access rights to each connected camera to two other users for free.

    Do you want to give access to more users or to make the broadcast public, so that thousands of people can connect to it? These opportunities are opened on tariffs for business.


    You can view video from cameras, both using a PC and using a tablet or smartphone after installing the application.

    All settings of camera operation modes are carried out in your personal account or in the application. There you can configure the motion and sound detector. To do this, you must select in the frame the zones whose activity will be monitored and analyzed. Thanks to this, you can avoid the reaction of the camera, for example, to the movement of trees from the wind.

    In our practice, there was a very interesting case. For one client, 2 out of 20 cameras were installed to monitor the rear of the building, fenced, to avoid theft of products. He set up a motion detector, designated zones of activity, but after a while he began to complain about false alarms of cameras. The reason was simple: the fact is that a ventilation “fungus” got into the designated zone of activity. And when a lot of equipment worked in the workshop, fluctuations in the heated air caused false alarms of the detector. Of course, we helped to make a more precise adjustment of the activity zone.

    All Nobelic cameras out of the box support Ivideon video analytics, in particular, a face recognition system can be connected to them .

    Examples of real video shooting

    An example of how the Nobelic NBLC-1110F camera shoots in artificial lighting (such scary words are called scientific office light):

    This video shows, first of all, a wide viewing angle and accurate color reproduction (and this is very difficult to achieve when using fluorescent lamps). The video sequence is devoid of characteristic flickering noise, which usually spoils the picture recorded under fluorescent lighting.

    Also pay attention to the quality of shooting a moving object, the high sensitivity of the microphone and the quality of voice transmission. Even small details are distinguishable in the image, and the dynamic fragments of the video sequence are recorded as smoothly as possible, without annoying jerks and other artifacts.

    Here is an example of a night video shot using Nobelic NBLC-1110F:

    The shooting was carried out in complete darkness using standard infrared illumination. The image allows you to easily recognize and identify not only the object of observation, but also objects of the surrounding interior.

    The next Nobelic NBLC-1110F is interesting for two reasons.

    Firstly, we paid attention to the work of the sound path of the camera. And secondly, the shooting was carried out at various levels of backlight so that you can evaluate the quality of the camera in such complex lighting:

    When watching a video, listen to how accurately and clearly the audio section of the camera works with sound. The speech of company employees and the sound from a flying ball are transmitted by the camera with virtually no distortion or delay. And the excellent work of the video path in the backlight allows you to see the picture with maximum detail. Sometimes it feels like we are watching a recording not from a video surveillance system, but from a professional video camera.

    At the end of the story, evaluate the video about the operation of the Push-to-Talk function. Recall that with its help, using the microphone and speaker built into the cameras, you can transmit voice messages:

    You only need a smartphone and our proprietary application.

    The cost of Nobelic NBQ-1110F 5 500 rubles.

    With PoE 5 900 rub.

    You will see other Nobelic cameras in the store . Many models have reduced prices by more than 10%

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