% tutnazvanievu% is the first university in the world where jetpacks are officially developed

    An idea occurred to me.

    It somehow happened that there is no university in the world where they deal with flying jetpacks / hoverboards / wings systematically.

    A project from Arizona State University for the DARPA four-minute mile runners contest .

    2019 is the year of the 100th anniversary of the filing of the patent application for a jetpack patent by a Russian engineer . This is also the year of hype of turbojet personal gizmos, the whole world is following the pioneers in this area. Frankie Zapata (Zapata Racing), Yves Rossi (JetMan), Richard Browning (Gravity), David Maiman (JetPack Aviation), Glenn Martin (Martin Jetpack) - private companies do mostly for "their money", which earned on another business (jet skis, real estate, etc.)

    My hypothesis is this: What if there are universities that are still the place where the future is happening? A place where crazy engineers are welcome in crumpled t-shirts with burning eyes?

    During my life I managed to interact with several universities, I will try to give them my subjective assessment. I'll try to get through to them. 27 days ago sent out requests. Someone that answered, someone could not. If anyone has something to supplement, or who knows which university can / wants to be the first in the world , write in comments or in PM.



    My native university. Now they are super active in PR in the media, feeding cyborgs, conducting farm experiments, doing underwater drones and even want to launch a satellite. Present in social networks, respond within a week. They said fly in - we'll talk. Hmm ...


    By far the most intelligent people on the planet. But the administration’s thinking, to whom it was able to reach, is for the most part soviet.
    They are present in social networks, those who answer said they were ready to let me go to them with a lecture at the university if I paid them 100,000 rubles. I could not reach other decision-makers.

    Moscow Polytechnic (MAMI)


    Strong young modern team. They developed the NTI Olympiad, sheltered the Mayak crowdsourcing satellite project. There is a positive case with the initiative of the romantic engineer Pablo Emilio Iturralde Baquero , who created the Formula Student laboratory there , where they make racing cars with their own hands.



    Probably the most “specialized" university. There are even teachers there, as from the book Monday begins on Saturday. Sweater, black stained jeans and burning eyes. Some "managers" said: "Let's talk in September." Others said: “Is this a combat aircraft? Not? Come on! ”



    This is me at the HSE experimenting with neural interfaces in 2012 .

    The most timely. Present in all communication channels, respond throughout the day. But how and where to fasten jetpacks? To urbanism? To design? To management?

    I see an awesome boost to the image of the HSE, if you release the hoodies “And we also make jetpacks.”


    It seems the most innovative. Sent request. I'm waiting


    “I clarified with our colleagues, unfortunately, they are not interested.”


    Kazan National Research Technical University named after A.N. Tupolev
    “In KAI there is absolutely no funding for such projects”

    Vyatka State University

    It seems they are interested, we are trying to set a date for the call.

    And I already came up with the slogan: "From washing machines to jetpacks!"

    University 20.35

    27 days waiting for an answer in fb.

    Foreign universities

    Maybe there are chances abroad?

    Singulatity university

    Not really a university. Preschool dough, bet on PR, have already invited the Englishman Richard Browning:

    Maybe I'm overly skeptical, but I have not seen a single standing project that came out of the walls of SU for 11 years of its existence. "Ambassadors" SU otmazyvatsya so, they say "we think for millennia."

    Arizona state university

    In 2014, they posted information about the project for runners . Since then there is no news.



    Aw ...

    Tell us about your favorite universities, maybe there is hope?

    Maybe Singapore, Shenzhen or India?

    I see an awesome opportunity, as with a budget of 2-10 million rubles a year, you can hop around the world, disrupt millions of views on YouTube and increase the attractiveness of the university for applicants. I would like to be proud of my university that it develops jetpacks, speak with jetpack engeneers in the dining room, and on open days or September 1, enjoy the flight around the main building.

    Houston, I have a problem ...


    For those who are for the first time, we have been developing for a year and a half, there is a ready-made working model with half-thrust, we have been testing people since December 2018.



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