3CX v16 Update 1, 3CX app for iOS Beta and the new version 3CX Call Flow Designer

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    3CX v16 Update 1

    We recently released the next 3CX v16 Update 1. The update includes new chat features and an updated communication widget for your 3CX Live Chat & Talk site. Update 1 also introduced a new Call Flow Service, which adds a call control scripting interface to the PBX. The script “engine” works together with the Call Flow Designer development environment and allows you to create call processing scripts of any complexity.

    Updated chat in web client

    Updated chat now allows you to flexibly manage your conversations. In addition, it interacts well with the 3CX Live Chat & Talk communication widget .

    • A site visitor can start a chat with the 3CX Operator Queue. This creates a chat group, which includes all the queue operators and this visitor.
    • In the future, the Queue operator can switch the group chat to himself and continue personal communication with the visitor.
    • Also, the operator can transfer the chat to another operator or a regular PBX user, if the need arises.
    • To unload the web client interface, the selected conversations can be transferred to the archive (however, they are not deleted).
    • Different types of chats (from the site, group, etc.) now have different icons for easy identification.
    • Now you can quickly send an email to a site visitor by clicking on an e-mail in the chat window.

    New features are described in more detail in the Chat Guide and in the video .

    Updated 3CX Live Chat & Talk widget

    The updated 3CX Live Chat & Talk widget offers additional customization of the interface and enhanced integration with sites made both on WordPress CMS and on other technologies.

    • Setting the chat window icon - you can set a suitable image for the chat window title. This could be, for example, your company logo.
    • Setting the operator icon - you can also set the chat operator icon, for example, his photo.
    • Widget placement - the “Position” parameter determines the placement of the widget on web pages - bottom right (default) or bottom left.
    • The view in the mobile browser is a small but important addition. Now, when accessing the site from a mobile device, the chat window is minimized by default.
    • Chat pop-up window - in 3CX v16 Update 1, the 3CX Live Chat & Talk widget window "pops up" in a separate window, allowing the visitor to freely move around the site, but at the same time contact the chat at any time.

    Script interface Call Flow Service

    3CX v16 Update 1 introduces a new Call Flow Apps Service scripting interface. It supports voice applications 3CX new standard. However, existing applications can be converted or modified in the new version of Call Flow Designer (see below). The architecture of Call Flow Apps Service is finalized today. The application server runs on 3CX for Debian / Raspbian Linux and Windows.

    A video about migrating your voice applications.

    Install Update

    Full changelog in 3CX v16 Beta1.

    After installing Update 1, the message database is converted. Chat is currently not available in 3CX applications.

    New 3CX app for iOS beta

    We have not updated our proprietary 3CX iOS app for a long time. Some users even complained about incorrect file transfer. But in the next update, all problems are fixed! This time, the emphasis is on the capabilities of integrated chat. Now the chat in the mobile application is practically not inferior to the chat in the 3CX web client.

    The application has the ability to create group chats and assign them names. Also added chat archiving. To archive a conversation, swipe left on it (you can restore a conversation from the archive in the same way).

    Also in the application there was a chat with visitors to the site through the 3CX Live Chat & Talk communication widget. Here's how it is implemented now:

    • Swipe left to chat to discover additional options: Take yourself, Transfer, End and Delete.
    • The chat icons from the site are different from the icons of regular chats so you can easily distinguish between them.
    • PUSH notifications from messages from the site show the visitor’s name and message content.
    • Chats sent to the Agent Queue include the name of the Queue for your convenience.

    Try the new 3CX app for iOS beta through TestFlight !

    Full changelog

    New Release 3CX Call Flow Designer

    Just this week, we released a new version of the 3CX CFD voice application development environment . It introduced new C # components, a refined user interface, improved error handling, as well as auto-update of the development environment. A new CFD is needed to create new type of voice applications for 3CX v16 Update 1 and higher.

    The updated development environment (IDE) CFD offers additional tools for developers:

    • New components Execute C # File and Code. They replace the legacy Launch External Script component. Components can run C # code files or inline code snippets directly from CFD applications.
    • The new “Set extension status” component implements a simple setting of extension parameters from the CFD application.
    • Improved error handling. The new Expression Editor additionally checks the values, detecting errors at the compilation stage.

    In addition to improvements regarding the development process, we have added several functions that increase the usability of the application itself:

    • Auto update application. CFD now automatically checks for new versions and installs updates as soon as they are released.
    • A new menu item “Save Project As” allows you to save a CFD project with a new name or in a different location.
    • New context menu "Open Audio Folder" for components that use audio files. It opens Explorer to conveniently browse the project’s audio folder.
    • Convenient display of disabled components. They are now grayed out to differ from the active components of the CFD.

    The new CFD release involves the use of 3CX V16 Update 1. Download the CFD and install it from the Call Flow Designer Installation Guide .

    A complete CFD change log

    . We recommend that you ask all questions related to the development of applications for 3CX in a specialized forum for developers .

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