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The other day, as you know, the Telegram Open Network test client was released into the public domain (more about TON here and here ; about the operation of the test network here ). I quickly began to put it on; the installation instructions described in README were luckily simple, and it was encouraging. But problems soon began.

At first, the assembly reached about a third of all progress and fell with an error. The error sent to the tests.cpp file, and the essence was "sha256 was not declared in this scope", despite the fact that the libssl-dev package was installed. I admit, I spent a lot of time solving this problem. One of the users of the public Telegram chat came to the rescue, who advised me to run the following command:

sudo apt install zlib1g-dev

And, lo and behold, the problem was solved! Once again I started the assembly, but now she was not destined to complete. A new error occurred at 83% of the assembly:


I could not find a solution to this problem on the Internet, and something told me to try to build on another version of Ubuntu (I use 19.04, I decided to try it on 18.04).

Booted from the Live CD, but there were a number of other problems (already smaller). First, the missing components needed to be installed:

sudo apt install build-essential
sudo apt install libssl-dev
sudo apt install zlib1g-dev
sudo apt install cmake

I started the assembly, but the error occurred at the very beginning: cmake complained about the absence of the gperf package, and the command

sudo apt install gperf

not executed due to lack of such a package in the database. This was solved by adding springs (/etc/apt/sources.list) the following: deb cosmic main universe.

Once again I started the installation, it reached 95%, but again there were difficulties. This time, it seems that this behavior only occurred on my computer for some reason, but the fact remains: 95% of the assembly hung. Moreover - the whole system hung. She just stopped responding to any action. The first time I wrote it off to the fact that it booted from the USB flash drive, so there is a chance that it just got out of the socket a bit, which caused the entire system to crash. I rebooted, tried again, this time making sure that the flash drive was securely in the connector. But the situation again repeated on the ill-fated 95%! As a result, I did not find any other way but to roll back 19.04 to 18.04 on the hard drive, and try again. Fortunately, this time everything ended successfully, and the client started.

Since it took me a lot of time to solve all these problems, and I could not find their solutions on the Internet, I would like to put in open access a set of teams that solved all my problems. I want to believe that this will help someone save time.

sudo apt install cmake
sudo apt install libssl-dev
sudo apt install zlib1g-dev
sudo apt install build-essential
sudo xdg-open /etc/apt/sources.list  # добавляем вышеуказанную строку, закрываем

Download the archive from , unpack it into your home folder so that it contains the lite-client folder, and not ton-test-liteclient-full. Restart the terminal:

mkdir ~/liteclient-build
cd ~/liteclient-build
cmake ~/lite-client
cmake --build . --target test-lite-client
cmake --build . --target fift
./test-lite-client -C ton-lite-client-test1.config.json  # запуск клиента

Let me remind you that I had problems that indicate that the success of the installation depends on the version of the distribution, as well as whether you have a system installed or are booting from Live. My successful result was obtained on version 18.04 installed on a Ubuntu disk.

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Did you manage to assemble the client?

  • 9.3% Yes, the first time 8
  • 9.3% Yes, but there were errors that were overcome 8
  • 4.6% No, it didn't work out due to errors 4
  • 76.7% Not tried 66

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