Happy Birthday, Habr ❤

    Hello, Habr! I have known you for a very long time - since 2008, when I, then still not once an IT specialist, opened you by some crazy link. Do you know how it was? Opened, understood nothing, closed. Then you began to come across more and more often, I looked more closely, got a grasp of it, a year later went into the IT sphere and ... spark, storm, madness. Today I want to confess my love to you and tell about our friendship :-)

    How I met your Habr

    I worked as an analyst in a telecom company (nickname from there) and one of my functions was to interact with programmers: I wrote and carried them with TK to create complex reports and even separate working applications for the commercial department. The dialogue was built heavily and was usually supported on my part by a kilogram of gingerbread, cakes and chocolates, because I looked dumb with an economic education, and the programmers didn’t drink beer.

    I read books on development and analysis, parsed code fragments (I was interested in SQL) in order to at least somehow speak with developers in the same language. At that time, IT was not yet so furious with the growing trend, and there was no immersion in the environment. Then I started reading the Habr - first in full, then on the selected hubs and tags (yes, I was the one who reads the tags). And spun. I went to study at a two-year school of software development and, although I did not become a programmer, I understood the topic from the bottom, defended my thesis with my real program and became equal with these terrible ASUshniks. So equal that it became the holder of the implementation of the most complicated ERP from the commercial department in terms of sales. It was a tense, wild year, but I did it, largely because thanks to Habr, I plunged into the depths of many questions, learned how to read the comments, cut through,

    It came July 29, 2011. My friend could not get an invite, the head of the development department could not cope with this either. Their articles were rejected one by one. I said: “I bet I'll get an invite?” And sat down for my first article about technical tasks . On August 1, 2011, a UFO handed me its beam and took me aboard its plate - Habr. It is a pity that the argument was of interest, could get hold of a box of chocolates.

    In general, for the most part I was reading Habr, sometimes I tried to write news with some kind of analytics, all attempts were successful. I became a testing engineer, I mastered many valuable skills again in the usual way - according to the articles from Habr. It was cool, but the money was cooler - and I returned to commerce. It is time to learn Habr on the other hand.

    Habr corporate

    I wrote on the blogs of several companies as an author (including the blog of the one where I worked). I will not go into details about what and how - this is not particularly interesting, there are many of them. I’d better tell you what shock and awe Habr causes in most companies :-)

    First of all, Habr is effective. If you try properly, you can solve any problem: from collecting leads for sales to building a personal leader’s brand and finding the best employees from the whole industry (or just suitable ones). But this is a thorny path that you can only go through by building your own rut. If you copy someone or behave the same way as on other sites, it will be a fiasco, bros.

    Yes, Habr is terrible. Especially if you meddle in the water without knowing the ford.

    • If you lie, you will certainly be exposed and it will be an indelible disgrace. I cannot be sure, but I think there are companies that, in principle, have faltered or, on the contrary, have grown due to Habr.
    • If you don’t know the topic you are writing about, but want to enter the trend, it will hurt.
    • If your blog is about advertising and press releases without the slightest valuable and useful information, get ready: you will be sent cons.
    • If you are not ready for an adequate reaction to criticism in the comments, to a balanced dialogue with the most terrible trolls - you will drown even the best material in the world.
    • If you do not understand what your audience is, pass by or try to learn and find out, since Habr himself provides opportunities for this. Nothing is a secret, analyze, read, watch video and delve into.

    Compliance with these simple rules gives a guarantee of a stable plus under the corporate posts of your company (and it’s easier to live with them, these are just signs of general adequacy). Moreover, almost any company can find its audience and write cool. Fortunately, there are enough examples.

    The most valuable in Habré are users

    But everything would not be so if it were not for your people, Habr. Trolls and helpers, the smartest and “smartest”, the gram of the Nazis, techno-Nazis, nerds and ironic sinister, extra-class specialists and beginners, bosses and subordinates, PR and HR-s, legends and newcomers from the Sandbox.
    “Habr, in fact, is the real self-regulatory community that copies our behavior in reality,” that’s how I would like to continue my text, but it’s not. I know real users of Habr who are silent and introverted in life, and on Habr have a couple of thousand comments, I know just wonderful and intelligent guys who behave on Habr ... uh ... a little unbridled. And this is good - because many of us can be a little different on Habré, write about topics that we can’t talk about, discuss with those we don’t meet in life. Habr is a small life :-)

    I love Habr for ...

    ... fruitful discussions and interesting comments.

    ... informative and versatile, for a different level of information on all IT-issues.

    ... those company blogs that provide cool information that you don’t have to pay for: read without borders, apply, take ideas.

    ... tough discussions in which you hone the mastery of dialogue and the ability to use sarcasm, rather than obscene language and insults.

    ... constant and dynamic development, for a dialogue with users - have many such Internet projects passed their ten-year milestone? And Habr and the 20-year-old will pass.

    ... his team, which we know little and rarely see, but it is always invisible with us and makes Habr cooler and more modern.

    ... all his logic, uniqueness and openness.

    Habr, I wish you not to be one, but change in step with the times, keep your best endeavors, be different and cozy, varied and united.

    Habr, I love you!

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