How to get OFFZONE 2019 and an offer in one day


    OFFZONE 2019 , the international conference on cybersecurity, will be held on June 17-18 in Moscow , where cool experts from 8 countries will present their developments and practical research. % Username%, we suggest you kill a lot of birds with one stone - attend the event for free , get a charge from solving interesting problems and compete for an offer from BI.ZONE right at our booth.

    For those who forget who we are

    We create innovative products for threat analysis and active protection against fraud, automate and scale the expertise of our service departments and develop tools for internal use. In almost three years of work, we have grown to three hundred employees, preserving the atmosphere of a variety of opinions and ideas, with a high rhythm of change and freedom, a flexible schedule and approach to solving problems open to discussion by management. Everyone in BI.ZONE can put forward and test hypotheses, try new tools and technologies, interact with the best experts in the field of cybersecurity, and participate in socially significant projects. One day offer

    terms .

    Who are you looking for?

    Developers and testers of complex systems.

    • All that is required is to try your hand at solving interesting problems. Tasks are not mega difficult, they just help us select the strongest. It is not necessary to solve all the problems, but the more solutions, the more chances to win. The test results and your resume should be sent to us marked One day offer until June 7th .
    • On June 10 , we send a free invitation to OFFZONE to all participants who successfully pass the test, where on June 17 and 18 they will meet with our technical specialists to discuss professional interests and future tasks.
    • In case of mutual interest, without grueling multi-level interviews, we sign the offer right at the conference and supply the maximum merchandise package from BI.ZONE.
    • And, of course, the participant will have full access to all the reports and activities of the conference for two days.

    Jobs and tests

    Front-end developer (ReactJs)

    Together with the team you will develop solutions to protect against cyber threats - phishing, DDoS and other attacks. We do not use legacy code and do not “milk” endlessly successful projects.

    We constantly come up with something new, automate development and write code that writes code. We will teach everything that is needed.

    What is needed?

    • Experience in using React from 1 year with an understanding of the principles of work, basic patterns and ways of optimization.
    • To be able to use nativejs and layout (flexbox) without using libraries / frameworks (we can offer tests for basic knowledge).
    • SPA development experience. Know how to configure your build from scratch without boilerplate, understand the application life cycle - tests, CI, work with artifacts, deploy - and be able to manage it.

    Experience with

    • BEM, and understanding that this is not only about class naming.
    • CSS Grid Layout.
    • Flow
    • Docker.

    Features of work

    • Full immersion in information security and continuous R&D processes.
    • Participation in the development of architectural solutions (technologies and approaches).
    • Interaction with UX and Back-end teams.
    • Creating a sought after product that brings real benefits.

    Go to problem solving

    Testing specialist

    We are looking for universal soldiers who are ready to help the team and improve the quality of our products to sky-high heights. We love our customers and rejoice when we find bugs before they encounter them.

    What is to be done?

    • Form and maintain test stands.
    • Test different microservice products.
    • Prepare documentation (test cases, test plans, PMI, instructions, defects, reports).
    • Work with employees of related departments (development, technical support, technical documentation, engineering department).
    • Monitor all stages of quality assurance (from requirements to work in production).
    • Monitor the work of the product environment and quickly localize problems.
    • Automate testing with WebDriver or similar web technologies.

    What do you need to be able to?

    • Set up test benches (Linux (Centos) / Windows).
    • Develop auto-tests in Python - need experience from 1 year.
    • Write test documentation (test cases, test plans, PMI, instructions, reports).
    • Understand the principles of DevOps and work together to support all stages of development and testing.

    It will not be superfluous

    • Software testing experience from 1 year (functional, security, load, usability, compatibility, cross-browser, etc.).
    • English - to read those. the documentation.
    • Knowledge of technologies and products (WebDriver / Python / CI Tool / CD / RestAPI / PostgreSQL).
    • Ability to read code ((Python / Java (scala) / JavaScript / HTML / C # / Go / bash / bat).
    • Knowledge of virtualization and containerization systems (VmWare ESX / Docker).
    • Knowledge of the command line and standard Linux utilities.
    • Understanding DevOps processes and tools.

    Go to problem solving

    Go (Golang) developer

    A very unusual project - there are no blockchain familiar to you, nor a huge number of microservices. There is a productive server part, complex network interactions, productive algorithms, interesting tasks on host devices and a lot of security.

    What do we have to do?

    • Immerse yourself in the processes of information security and continuous R&D.
    • Participate in the development of architectural solutions.
    • Create really high-quality code (tests, patterns, performance).
    • Interact with the contractor team.
    • Create a truly sought after product.

    What you need to know and be able to?

    • Active development experience on Go (Golang) from 1 year.
    • Good knowledge of network protocols.
    • Experience with SQL / NoSQL.
    • Knowledge of Git, understanding of the Git Flow methodology.
    • Understanding of Agile methods (Scrum, Kanban) and the principles underlying them.

    Go to problem solving

    Solve problems and come to get acquainted, we will be happy to accept new aces in the development and testing of complex systems. We have no doubt that among our subscribers there are such!


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