British chip maker ARM ceases cooperation with Huawei

    The problems of the Chinese company Huawei, related to the decree of US President Trump, continue to multiply. The other day it became known that the British chip maker ARM decided to suspend all existing contracts with a former partner . Huawei uses ARM products to develop processors for its smartphones.

    The fact is that ARM's development contains American technology, and Trump's decree prohibits cooperation with Huawei to all companies that have access to American technology. ARM has already stated that the company complies with all the latest rules that are set by the United States.

    In turn, the Chinese company said that it perfectly understands the pressure exerted on the company's partners in accordance with the actions of US authorities. Nevertheless, the priority task of the company remains the same - the delivery of technologies and products to its customers.

    At the end of May, the Chinese manufacturer announced that the company is currently developing its own operating system , which will replace Google’s Android - its services will be inaccessible for users of Huawei mobile devices from August this year.

    The operating system is being developed, first of all, for the Chinese market; it will be presented in the beginning or in the middle of 2020. The head of the unit added that the launch of the OS will happen if it is forbidden to cooperate with Android and Windows - products of two American corporations.

    The new operating system will be called Hongmeng. It is based on the Linux operating system, and its name is rooted in Chinese mythology.

    At the moment, companies such as Google, Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcom have suspended cooperation with the Chinese. Japanese companies also began to stop working with Huawei. Among the companies that have listened to Trump, Panasonic has joined.

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