Conversations'19: conversational AI for those who are developing and who are still in doubt

    Conversations Conference will be held June 27-28 in St. Petersburg , the only event in Russia dedicated to conversational artificial intelligence technologies. How do developers capitalize on conversational AI? What are the pros, cons, and hidden features of different interactive platforms and methodologies? How to repeat the success of other people's voice skills and chatbots with AI, but not repeat other people's epic fails? For two days, participants in Conversations and experts from Google, Yandex, MTS, Just AI, Megafon, BRLab, Ozon Travel, DPD, EORA, Aeroclub IT, Ready for Sky will analyze numbers, forecasts, fresh cases and technological trends of conversational AI. The Adobe Analytics Team recently polled

    More than 400 major brands in various industries: 91% makes significant investments in the voice right now, 71% believes that the voice will undoubtedly improve UX in the future. Here is another figure: by 2023, 8 billion voice assistants will be used in the world, Juniper Research predicts , - there will be two or three assistants per person , but even in this situation, the number of active users will reach 3-4 billion people. So what content do developers and businesses create to win these users? The participants of Conversations'19 will have two days to deal with the questions that the conversational AI poses before us.

    What will headliners at Developers' Day talk about (and more)?

    • Dialogue cases, signals and methodologies - what to choose for your task? Tanya Lando, Lead Linguist, Google
    • VUI design: situational design vs “classic” approach. Pavel Guay, founder and CEO of
    • Analysis of tonality: how to single out the main thing from thousands of reviews and opinions. Vitaly Gorbachev, Head of R&D BRLab
    • When bots go beyond: how do we use computer vision technology to solve customer problems. Sergey Ponomarenko, COO EORA
    • Lifehacks of spoken UI: how to make a bot and not piss off the user? Daria Serdyuk, NLP Research Engineer Just AI
    • Overview of technologies and approaches in the task of end-to-end ASR. Nikita Semenov, Lead Developer, AI MTS Center (NLP team lead)
    • Sky voice assistant: development of an assistant for smart technology. Bassel Zeyti, Teamlead Voice Technology Ready for Sky (Eng)
    • Python bot development: pros, cons, subtleties. Sergey Verentsov, Service Station EORA

    More interesting topics and names on the Conversations

    Developers' Day website will be completed by a section in the public talk genre, where developers will share their personal - successful, difficult, diverse - experience in creating bots and voice skills.

    For example, Stepan Grankin, a senior programmer at Aeroclub IT , will talk about developing a prototype B2B skill for Alice, which should work with the company's closed infrastructure. And it will prove the hypothesis that skills in Alice help to increase the number of downloads and searches in the mobile application. And Anna Savinkova , whose voice-based Citadel game recently won the Alice Award, will not only show which path lies between the idea for the skill and its recognition, but it will also reveal the secrets of promoting the skill.

    And also in the program: epic fails in creating chatbots for clients, the laws of building interactive systems, the basics of NLU and how they help in the construction of conversational AI systems, the presentation of smart devices and IoT techniques under voice control, open discussions and master classes on creating action for voice assistants, HR briefing, Just Summer Party and much more.

    The Conversations Conference will be held June 27-28 at the Solo Sokos Hotel Palace Bridge (V.O., Birzhevoy per. 2-4).

    Conference tickets (Business Day, Developers' Day, both days) can be purchased on the website Conversations conversations- . Organizers offer readers of Habr a special promotional code for a 15% discount on a ticket of any category:conversations_alo

    The first Conversations conference was held in November 2018 in Moscow and gathered more than 400 people - representatives of retail, fintech, telecom, contact centers, food industry, IT companies, vendors and private developers. The headliners of the event were Yandex, Google, MTS,, Megafon, Tinkoff Bank, Wallet, UniCredit Bank, HeadHunter, Uralsib Bank, Voximplant, Nanosemantics, Beijing Surfing Technology Co., Ltd.

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